Can a Bad Wheel Bearing Cause Traction Light To Come On?

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When you notice the traction control light on you may panic at first.

You may also wonder if the traction control light can come on due to a bad wheel bearing. When this light comes on you can drive your car safely to the mechanic.

If there is a problem with the wheel bearing or another system in the car then it is essential to get it checked out right away. 

If the traction control light is on then there may be an issue with the wheel bearing. This can be a warning that the system in the car is not working as it should and it will need immediate attention.

The wheel bearings will monitor the speed of each of the wheels and if there is a loss of traction a light will come on. The light can also come on if you are driving in dangerous conditions such as snow.  

Can a Bad Wheel Bearing Cause The Traction Control Light To Come on? 

If there is a problem with the wheel bearing the traction control light may turn on. There are ABS sensors that are found within the wheel bearing. If there is an issue with these sensors such as they fail then the light will turn on.

The purpose of this light coming on is to warn you that there may be a problem within the system of the car and you should have it checked out for safety purposes.

If there is an issue with the wheel bearing then the traction light can come out. If the light has come on, you are going to want a professional to look over your wheel bearings. Since they control the tires and monitor the speed of the car it is traveling.

A bad wheel bearing will cause the light up meaning that there is a problem. If the light is on and there is a hummin or other noise this is another indicator that the wheel bearing is bad.

If there is vibration in the steering wheel this can be another indication that the wheel bearing is experiencing a problem. The lights are to be taken seriously. 

The lights come on in modern cars so that they can warn a person that there is a problem. A wheel bearing can make the traction light turn out. When this light is illuminated there is a good chance that the wheel bearing is not operating properly. 

There are some other reasons why the traction light may turn on. It can be used for something such as a hub bearing coming to lose. It can also be a sign that the road that you are on may not be safe due to the surface or weather.              

Can a Bad Wheel Bearing Affect the Speed Sensor? 

If there is an issue with the wheel bearing and it is no longer working as it should this can impact several sensors on your car.

When the wheel bearing is failing the axle and the ring on the time will wobble. This will impact the speed sensor.

In some cases, it will give an incorrect treading and in other cases, you will get no signal. This means the car will not register how fast you are traveling. 

While that is not a good scenario the wheel bearing can impact the speed sensor in another way.

If the wheel bearing is in really bad shape the axle from the bearing may come in contact with the speed sensor. They will damage the speed sensor beyond repair. This is another reason why issues with the wheel bearing need to be taken seriously and need to be handled immediately.

The wheel bearing can be a pricy repair but if there is a problem with the speed sensor this can become even more expensive. You may also not know how fast you are going which is not safe and may get a speeding ticket. 

Why is My Traction Control Light on After The Wheel Bearing Was Replaced? 

There can be a reason why your traction control light is on after having your wheel bearing replaced.

The wheel speed sensor could have been knocked loose or it could have been unplugged while you were having the wheel bearing replaced. In this case, the light will come on. 

If you are still experiencing issues with your traction control light an OBDII scanner will be needed. You are going to need to take your car back to the mechanic and have them use this scanner. They will then need to look up the code to find out what the issue is so it can be fixed. 

At this time you may want to turn off the traction control light but that is not a good decision. Even with the new wheel bearing the light will alert you to possible dangerous road conditions.

You are going to want to go back to the mechanic and have them check this sensor. It may be something as simple as plugging it back in to allow the traction control light to work as it should. 

What Would Cause The Abs and The Traction Control Light to Come on? 

Several things will cause the traction control light to turn on. In addition to the traction indicator light, some other common issues will cause this light to appear. 

The ABS controller in the car may have stopped working. While this can be an issue it is not uncommon. There may also be an issue n the brake system since the ABS and the traction control system often share common units within the car.

The car can have an issue with the central computer that is causing the light to turn on, if you are not noticing any additional issues with the car there may be something wrong with the computer system. In some cases, it may be something as simple as a blown fuse. 

Another common issue is low tire pressure. There may be a separate light for this but in some models, the traction control light will come up.

This is because due to the decrease in pressure, the sensor is picking up an abnormal speed. You may want to check the pressure in your tires to make sure they are properly inflated.

You may have been reading this and wondering if a bad wheel bearing can cause the traction control light to come on. In short, yes it can.

The wheel bearing that is going may lead to the traction control light turning on in your car. If you have a traction control light appearing on your dashboard you need to take the car to a mechanic.

It can be something as simple as low tire pressure but it can also mean that your wheel bearings need to be replaced. You should allow a professional to look at your car and help you determine if there is an issue with your wheel bearing system.