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How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

4 Best Jack For Lifted 4runner In 2022

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Many persons who own regular jacks often do the mistake of not getting jack stands which can be quite risky especially for large trucks like 4runners.

4runners are trucks that are built for both paved terrains and off-road terrains. When these trucks are ridden on off-road terrains, the possibility of having a flat tire will be greatly increased due to the items found on such surfaces such as sharp rock debris, metal scraps, and so on.

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The  Best Jack For Lifted 4runner In 2022

Product NameFeaturesPrice
(Our # 1 picks) Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Standthe Sunex jack stand comes highly recommendedCheck Price
(Best Overall) Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Heavy-Duty Floor JackSuitable for both low-profile and high-rise vehicles, It can Lifts 2.875″ to 19.75″ ton weight, Has jack controls for lowering vehicle/weightCheck Price
(Best Value) Powerbuilt 620471 UnijackExtremely durable, Can lift unibody and traditional body-on-frame cars, Safe to useCheck Price
Even on construction sites where 4runners are used more frequently, the risk of picking a nail or any other sharp object is high which normally requires you to change your tire on the spot.

Jack stands help in creating a safe working condition when working on trucks such as changing tires, alignments, and the likes. Here are some of the benefits of owning a jack stand along with a jack.

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Best Jack For Lifted 4runner- Benefits Of Owning A jack Stand

Safety Measure

Hydraulic jacks are designed for lifting vehicles and not holding them up for an extended period – jack stands, on the other hand, are designed to hold up vehicles for an extended period.

You stand the risk of having your 4runner crashing down if being held up by a hydraulic jack for an extended due to its instability in such scenarios, but the same cannot be said about a jack stand.

It Preserves Your Tires

This might come as a shocker to you, but if you intend to put away your 4runner or any other vehicle for a long period, it is advised to use jack stands to hold them up pending when you intend to use them again. Jack stands help to take away the weight of your 4runner placed on your tires thereby preserving the lifespan of your tires.

It Makes Routine Maintenance Easier

If you know your way around cars – rather than always taking your car to the mechanics, a jack stand will always provide you with the needed ground clearance for undertaking general routine maintenance that would have required you to take the vehicle to the workshop. This alone will save you time and money.

Types Of Jack Stands

Jack stands can be categorized based on their locks. There are three types of jack stands namely; ratchet lock, screw lock, and pin lock.

Ratchet lock jack stand

Of the three jack stands available on the market, the ratchet lock jack stands are the easiest type of jack stands to lock, but should also note that they are the easiest to fail due to how easy the ratchet can snap. (Read Also: 5 Best Jack for Honda Civic In 2022)

However, ratchet lock jack stands can be trusted if the ratchet mechanism is made with durable materials, and for such surety, it is advised you go with well-known brands you can trust any day any time.

Screw Lock Jack Stand

The screw lock jack stand is more stable than the ratchet jack stand, but it also comes with its own cons. When using the screw lock jack stand, your car rests on the support saddle which is connected to a large screw – this screw also holds a holding bar that is threaded to it.

The problem with this design is that you have to screw and unscrew the jack stand from its base which can be usually time-consuming especially if it’s your first time.

However, once you get a hang of the working principle, it becomes relatively easy, and you can lift your 4runner to a reasonable height as well.

Pin Lock Jack Stand

This is the most common jack stand you are likely to find in the market. It is easy to use, and probably the safest of the three. Once you have attained the desired height of your truck, you simply slot the pin into the available space to hold up the jack.

The pin used in maintaining the height is made of very durable steel which is designed to hold the capacity intended for the jack.(Read Also:Will Discount Tire Buy Takeoffs?)

Based on user experience, you are advised to use one with several hole options to make it easier to slot in the pin, and you are also advised to go for a pin-lock jack stand that has a built-in pin to reduce the risk of the pin being misplaced during storage.

Best Jack For Lifted 4runner – Buyers Guide

The 4runner truck is a heavy-duty truck that needs a very durable jack stand regardless of the type you purchase. Apart from knowing the types of jack stands in the market, here are other factors to consider before settling on a purchase.

Weight Capacity

This should be the first to consider before buying a jack stand.  A car jack stand should be able to carry your 4runner with you having any worries if it is strong enough. The average weight of a 4runner is somewhere between 4,400 to 4900 pounds depending on the car manufacturer. Therefore, a jack stand intended for the forerunner should not have a weight capacity of fewer than 5000 pounds. Anything less would increase the risk of failure in the long run. (Read Also:4 Best Tire for Duramax In 2022)

Lift Range

4runners truck have a large ground clearance space, therefore the jack stand intended for 4runner trucks have to have a lift range of not less than 20 inches. This will help in getting your 4runner vehicle well above the ground, and it also helps to complement floor jacks or bottle jacks that also have a good lift range.

Material Composition

Ignore any jack stand made with materials that aren’t iron or steel. Anything different from these materials has turned out to be problematic based on the research I carried out. Iron and steel provide durable qualities, and also provide you with the needed corrosion resistance needed for your car jack to last for a long time.

Wide Saddle Construction

Jack stands with wide saddle construction tend to be preferred to the ones with narrow saddles. This is because the wider the saddle, the more surface it affords your 4runner to rest on.

You should also consider the surface design of the saddle – saddles having a contour surface design will provide your 4runner truck with more grip than the ones having a flat surface.

Car jacks with smooth surfaces have the tendency of slipping from the grip of the jack stands at the slightest opportunity which can be very disastrous.

Size Of The Base

The longer the reach of a jack stand, the wider the base should be. A wider base will ensure the jack stand has more stability and balance on the floor. Also, ensure the jack stand has a uniform material build all through – this will mean that the jack stand doesn’t stand any chance of failing at any point of the jack.

Based on extensive research and opinions gotten from online forums and customer ratings, here are the four (4) best car jacks on the market.

Just like any product out there, these jacks have their pros and cons which I will be highlighting at the end of each review. Kindly drop your comment and observation in the comment section if you have any.

1. Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand

Check Price On Amazon

The first on my list is the Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand. Made with durable steel. This jack stand is one of the most recommended in the forums I visited and based on the description I’ll be sharing, it’s easier to see why.

Product Features (What The Manufacturers Have To Say)

Material Composition

The Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand is made with durable steel at the base to ensure stability and firmness when pressure is applied.

Jack Stand Capacity And Lift Range

The Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand is designed to carry a weight of up to 10-Ton (20000-pounds), which is more than suitable for a 4-runner or any vehicle for that matter. It has a maximum lift range of a whopping 29.9 inches.

Pin Type Jack Stands With Multiple Holes

Just like I shared earlier in this article, pin jack stands are very safe to operate, and the Sunex jack stand comes with a pin-type lock mechanism that securely holds your jack stand in place while you work on your 4runner truck.

The multiple hole design gives you the option to lock in the stand to any height you deem fit without you adjusting at different time intervals. This feature should make your work easy and fast – it has a total of 6-height adjustment holes.

Also, the adjustment pin is attached to the jack stand to prevent it from getting missing during storage or packaging.

Large Saddle Surface

The Sunex Pin Type Jack Stand is designed with a large saddle surface to provide the required grip needed for your vehicle while holding it up for as long as you want. The saddle surface is also rough to prevent your vehicle from sliding away from the surface of the jack stand.

What The Owners Of The Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand Had To Say


  • The owners of the Sunex jack stand liked the fact that it was designed to hold a large amount of load. The 10-ton capacity design makes it possible to support any 4runner truck or its equivalent regardless of the manufacturers of the truck.
  • They also commended its durability and how easy it was to set up and install without any difficulty.
  • The material composition of steel also guaranteed the owners that the Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand would be enjoyed for a very long time.
  • In general, the Sunex jack stand comes highly recommended.


The negative reviews I read concerning the Sunex Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand all had something to do with the packaging.

Some persons who purchased the Sunex 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand complained it didn’t come in the full packaging as advertised – they attributed this flaw to the poor cartoon used in holding the goods which could easily give way during the shipping process.

But persons who managed to receive the Sunex 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stand in full had glowing remarks about the product.


2. BIG RED T46002A Torin Steel Jack Stand

Check Price On Amazon

Next on my list of the best jack for lifted 4runner is the BIG RED T46002A Torin Steel jack stand. The BIG RED franchise is a well-known brand and seeing it being recommended in various forums didn’t come as a surprise. Here are some of its features

Product Features (What The Manufacturers Had To Say)

Material Composition

The BIG RED T46002A Torin Steel jack stand is made up of durable steel to provide it with the needed tenacity to hold up your truck in place.

Jack Stand Capacity And Lift Range

It is designed to carry a load capacity of up to 6-Ton (12000 pounds). Which by far exceeds the weight of a 4runner truck. The BIG RED Torin Steel jack stand also has a max lift range of up to 23 inches. 

Double Pin Supporting System

The BIG RED Torin Steel jack is designed with a double pin lock to increase the safety of the jack when in use. It offers double pin protection while holding up your truck the way you want it; it is also designed with multiple hole outlets to offer you the option of fitting the height how you want it – the pin is attached to the stand to ensure you don’t misplace it.

Saddle Surface

It is also equipped with a large saddle area to provide a good fit when carrying your 4runner truck or any load it supports. The saddle surface is also designed to provide it with the necessary traction for keeping your 4runner safely in place as it should.

What The Owners Of The BIG RED Torin Steel Jack Stand Had To Say


  • The owners of the BIG RED Torin Steel jack seem to like the fact it provides maximum protection when holding up your 4runner or any other SUV.
  • Some users also had pleasant remakes to make concerning the welding properties of the stand.


Most users were not really satisfied with the double pin protection claimed to be in place by the manufacturers. Owners of the BIG RED Torin Steel jack felt the length of the pins were not adequate at both ends which could increase the chances of not fitting properly especially if you fixed them in haste. To avoid any form of mishaps, ensure you take your time to fix the first pin properly.


3. Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack

Check Price On Amazon

Third, on my list of the best jack for lifted 4runner is the Powerbuilt Unijack. The Powerbuilt Unijack is designed to be a jack stand and a jack. This eliminates the need for having a separate jack and jack stand – a feature most users have found very useful and cost-saving. Here are some of its other features.

Product Feature (What The Manufacturers Have To Say)

Material Composition

The Powerbuilt Unijack is made with very durable steel to provide it with the durability of jacking and holding your 4runner at the same time.

Lift Range And Capacity

The Powerbuilt Unijack has a maximum lift range of up to 21-inches both as a jack and as a jack stand. This ensures you don’t have to stress yourself setting a jack stand after jacking up your 4runner truck. It is also designed to lift and hold a load capacity of 6000 pounds which is very sufficient for a 4runner truck.

Pin Lock System

The pin lock system is used to lock the jack stand aspect of the Powerbuilt Unijack in place. It ensures that there is maximum safety when holding up your vehicle after jacking it up. It is also designed with multiple holes to allow you to lock the jack to any height of your choice.

Saddle Surface

The surface of the jack stand is widely sufficient to meet with the basic width to hold your vehicle in place without slipping away while working on it.

Wide Flat Base

The base of the Powerbuilt Unijack is wide to ensure it provides the jack with the

What The Users Had To Say


  • The users had glowing remarks with the ease at which they could both jack up their car and hold it in place without having to spend extra quid on a jack stand
  • They were also impressed with the cost since it could do two things at the same time. It costs well under $100


The negative reviews from users have mostly been the case of the hydraulic jack coming stuck after a while. So I recommend you to test it several times in your garage before settling on this choice, or asking for a refund.

4. Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Heavy-Duty Floor Jack

Check Price On Amazon

Okay, I know this might come as a shocker, but the final jack-stand on my list of the best jack for lifted 4runner is not an actual jack stand but a proper jack. It came very highly recommended from owners who had the two proper jack stands reviewed above, so I decided to do proper research on the product, and below is what I found.

Product Features (what The Manufacturers Had To Say)

Durable And Heavy-Duty Design

The Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile floor jack is heavily built to meet up with the simple task of lifting your vehicle without you worrying if it will collapse under its own weight.

Material Composition

The Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile floor jack is made with hardcore steel to give it the shear resistance needed to jack a vehicle. Owners have 4runers who have not had any issue with this product jacking their vehicles to their desired height.

Rapid Pump Feature

An added bonus for the Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile floor jack according to 4runner owners is the speed at which it pumps a vehicle off the ground. The manufacturer claims the Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile floor jack can pump up a vehicle with just 3 and a half pumps, and 4runner owners agree with this claim.

Universal Release Design

There’s no need to worry about not having control over how your jack returns the vehicle to the ground, with the universal drop design, the manufacturers assure you of total control ensuring that your 4runner does not strike the ground on impact.

Wide Stability Design

It is also designed with wide steel casters to ensure that the jack is stable on the floor when in use.

Lift Range

It has a height reach of 19 inches which gives you enough room to work with. It also has a very slim built when not fully extended.

What Users Of The Pittsburgh 3-Ton Profile Floor Jack Had To Say


  • It lifts up your car from the ground very easily
  • There is no risk of tipping is very low
  • It can survive harsh conditions due to its rugged nature


  • It is quite heavy
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty.

And that rounds up my take on the best jack for lifted 4runner. Kindly drop your suggestions, observations, and contributions in the comment section. Below are other questions you might have regarding this subject.


Where Can I Lift My 4runner?

If you intend to change a flat on a 4runner, I suggest you the available points underneath the 4runner where you can place your jack without having any problems whatsoever. These points are specially designed to serve as a placement for jacks.

How Do You Jack Up A Lift On A 4runner?

As soon as you locate the jack points on your 4runner, which is usually close to all the tires on the vehicle, ensure your vehicle is placed on a flat surface.

Once you ascertain the ground surface is relatively flat, place your jacks on the jack points – this should depend on the part that needs maintenance.

If you intend changing a tire, use the jack closest to the tire that needs to be changed, but before jacking the 4runner, ensure you slightly lose the lug nuts, then jack up the vehicle to the required height, then place a jack stand close to the jack before releasing the jack – allowing the vehicle to rest on the jack stand while you work.

Where Does The Jack Go On A 4runner?

The jack should be placed on the jack positions close to the tire, and not anywhere else.

Are Jack Stands Safe To Work Under?

Definitely! Jacks on their own are not safe to work under, but using a jack stand gives you the safety guaranty you need.

What Kind Of Jack Do I Need For A Lifted Truck?

Once your truck is lifted with a jack, you will be needing a jack stand, and not just a jack. This is because jack stands are more stable and safe than ordinary jacks.

Best Jack For Lifted 4runner –  Conclusion

Owning a 4runner is no small feat, and for that, I say a huge congratulation. However, changing a tire on these heavy-duty vehicles is a no-brainer if you don’t own the right set of tools to carry it out. Jack stands are as necessary as the jack itself due to the safety they provide. If you haven’t gotten one already, you might be doing yourself more harm than good. Cheers!!!

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