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How To Prove Someone Slashed Your Tires

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I know the feeling, not the feeling of getting my tire slashed or vandalized, but the feeling of being the nasty guy, and yeah before you start judging me, read the reason behind my actions In this post on – How I Gave Give Someone A Flat Tire Without Them Knowing and also see how I made amends in the best way possible.

My actions have caused me to make further research into this subject on How To Catch Someone Putting Nails In Your Tire and I can bet the fact that if not that I came forward to own up to my deeds, my neighbour wouldn’t have known that I was responsible for the actions. Not that it’s anything to be proud of, but here are a few tips you can use to pinpoint a tire slasher or whatever name they are called.

Best Ways To Prove Someone Slashed Your Tires

1. An Open Confession

Now, I know this might be almost impossible, but if I could own up to my wrong deeds the way I did (telling my neighbor I was responsible for his flat tire, and the reason behind my actions), then I bet there are people like that as well, but this on its own might not be enough.

In vandalism-related cases, the police will require undeniable proof of the charges you’re are pressing, and if you simply tell them the culprit told you himself, he is bound to deny it; it’s what the lawyers call “your word against his”.

Try recording the whole conversation on your phone, or any recording device, but do it discretely so as not to jeopardize the entire process.

But I don’t feel the need to press charges after a person voluntarily comes forward to tell you he is responsible, and also the reason behind his actions; It’s probably why you got your tire slashed in the first place. (Read Also:Can You Put Drive Tires On Steer Axle?)

2. Have A Witness

While this seems unlikely, there’s still a chance that one of your neighbors saw the whole incident. Your neighbor is a third party, and as such, his words will hold more water than that of your spouse, sibling, or any close relative.

Take out time to speak to your neighbors and update them on the latest happening in the neighborhood, this will also help everyone around your vicinity keep an extra eye on your vehicle and your surrounding as a whole.

This way, your problem becomes everyone’s business, and it would only be a matter of time before you have the required witness to nail the culprit for good.

3. Install A Camera

Amongst the solution I will be proffering in this article, this is by far the better way of nailing down the culprit.

The confession of the culprit or the words of a witness will spend less more time in court, compared to the actual footage of the victim perpetrating the act in real-time.

CCTV’s are one of the options to consider, and they should be installed in the area your car is parked. You can choose to hide the camera, but this might not be a good idea if you want it to do a decent job of reducing the blind spots around the said area. The visible presence of the camera can even ward off the offender from carrying out the act.

Another option is to put a dash camera in your vehicle. They have a night vision to capture the events happening around your car even at night.

Dash cameras also have motion detectors that send a notification to your phone if there is movement around. These sorts of cameras come in handy when such matters come, you should consider getting one.

4. Stay Vigilant During The Odd Hours

The most probable time for acts of vandalism to occur are odd hours, not necessarily at night, but times when there is usually less human activity around the area. In that case, make a deliberate attempt to stay alert at such times to catch the criminal in the act even if it will cost you a few hours of sleep.

5. Spend A Couple Of Nights In Your Car

I know this sounds weird, but spending a couple of nights in your car shows just how far you are willing to go to catch the culprit in the act.

Sleeping in your car to apprehend the culprit can only be successful if your glasses are tinted. Tinted glasses give you the perfect platform to hide your presence in the car while you wait for the bandit to carry out his act. (Read Also: Can You Use Tire Shine On Leather?Find Out)

Although, I honestly feel this act is unnecessary if you have a dash camera installed in your car.

6. Guard Dogs

Another option to consider is to get a guard dog, that’s if you don’t own one already. You can position your guard dog around the said area where the incident is likely to occur, and allow it do what is known to do, which is to rend havoc on the victim carrying out the act, or better still alert you if there is an intruder around the supposed area.

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7. Fill Up Your Tire With Nova Gas

I know this sounds cynical, to say the least, but if the tire slashing experience is s reoccurring one, you should consider filling up your tire with gas.

While this might not make you catch the criminal on the spot, it could give you an idea of who the culprit is, especially if they stay close by due to the effect the gas is likely to have on them. Just ensure the gas doesn’t cause any casualties.

Which of these suggestions are you likely to consider if you intend on catching the culprit on the spot? Kindly let me know in the comment section, and drop your tire slashing experience as well.

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Does Insurance Cover My Slashed Tire?

The possibility of getting an insurance claim for a slashed tire depends on the type of insurance coverage you have for your car. However, you should note that not all insurance plans cover tire replacements. A typical insurance plan will simply cover accidents with another vehicle, and having your tire slashed by a villain doesn’t seem to fall under this category.

For vandalism claims to be made, you will have to pay for plans that include non-driving incidents such as vandalism and slashed tires.

Collision plans will cover cases that involve the car owner colliding with a stationary object such as trees, kerbstones, and poles. It will also cover damages for slashed tires caused by spikes. All in all, a claim can be made based on how the tires were damaged.

What To Do If Someone Slashed Your Tires

Waking up in the morning to a slashed tire is not the way anyone would want to start their morning, and if you happen to find yourself in this scenario, here are the few tips you can use to calm the situation;

1. Find Out The Root Cause

Many persons who have had their tires slashed have always linked the act to individuals who held a personal grudge against them. These individuals can include an angry ex, a disgruntled employee, a mean neighbor, and the list goes on. Do a soul search to determine where the problem must have emanated from because knowing this is always the first step in knowing the next action to take.

2. Alert The Neighbors

This is necessary especially if you want to prevent a reoccurrence. Alerting your neighbors will keep everyone around you at alert, and as I stated earlier, can help provide the extra security required to keep such miscreants at bay.(Read Also:Can You Jack Up A Truck By The Leaf Springs?)

3. Confront The Root Cause

if you happen to link a person to the act after your soul search, confront the individual and see what their reaction will look like. Some of them are likely to be proud of the incident, and might even brag about doing it again. That’s why it would be very wise of you to record the whole conversation so that you can have proof if you decide to press charges.

4. Be Vigilant

There is a likelihood that it won’t be the last time of such an act, and that is why you should be vigilant every single time. Install cameras around your house and dash cameras in your car to have full knowledge of what goes on in your absence. These acts can even help you catch the culprit in the act if he chooses to strike a second time.(Read Also: How Long Can I drive with A Knot In My Tire?Find Out Now)

5. Call The Police

Endeavor to alert the authorities if you are certain the culprit will strike again. Alerting the authorities will increase their activities in your area which can go a long way to avoid a repeat of the incident.

6. Ask Yourself Some Personal Questions

The truth is that you can be responsible for planting the seed of destruction in the heart of the perpetrator unknowingly.

Apart from failed relationships and angry or jealous colleagues, do you have a repulsive lifestyle? By repulsive I mean does your car make an annoying engine sound? If your neighbors have approached you about the sound emanating from your car, what have you done to handle the situation? Were you rude when you were approached? Did you take their complaints with a pinch of salt?

These and many more questions you have to ask yourself before drawing up a conclusion. It’s also part of the soul searching processes I explained in the first tip above.

How Can I Make My Car Tires Last Longer?

Apart from worrying about miscreants deliberately damaging your tires, you should also know that there are steps you can personally take to ensure that your tires last for a very long amount of time, and some of them include the following;

1. Don’t Apply To Much Pressure On Your Brakes, Acceleration/Gas Pedal, And Steering Inputs

One of the things you need to seriously watch out for is the way you apply your breaks in certain conditions. Except you are a driver aspiring to dawn the formula-1 tracks, it is suggested that you reduce your drift turns to avoid a situation known as tire wear.

If you are an aggressive driver, then you can almost be certain that you will have to change your tires often than required.

2. Rotate Your Tires Regularly

No price is too much to pay for safety, and the same can be said about tires. Your tires should be rotated every 5000 – 8000 miles. This will help in increasing the lifespan and durability of your tires.

Neglecting the fact that you have to rotate your tires could mean that you could lose a couple of miles from the supposed miles your tire is supposed to last. It also helps to ensure that you comply with the warranty required by the manufacturer.

3. Align Your Vehicle Regularly

Regardless of how well your tires are, they can be even brand new for all I care, but if your vehicle alignment is not done properly and regularly, then you are going to have problems in the nearest future. Apart from having your tires wrecked by nails and other sharp objects, the fastest way to ruin your tires is to constantly ignore your alignment routine.

You may ask “how do I know I am due for alignment?” it’s very simple. If it’s over 8 months since you went for your last alignment, or if you are asking yourself what an alignment is all about, then you are way due for your next car alignment.

4. Use The Right Tire Based On Your Driving Needs

So this how it works, you don’t wear your work clothes to play football neither do you wear sporting apparel to your workplace, except you are your boss, or your work demands it for a reason. The same goes for your tires.

If you are after the longevity of a tire, go for tires that are originally designed with such purpose in mind, and if you are after the performance the same principle applies. Tires that tend to have a long life span will have a high tread life warranty, a long tire life, as well as a UTQG rating (uniform tire quality grading).

Conclusion – How To Prove Someone Slashed Your Tires

Nothing beats a friendly attitude. Having a friendly relationship with the neighbors can go a long way in ensuring that they keep an eye out for matters that concern you. It also makes them easily accessible to matters that might require their input such as looking out for a vandal.

And if you don’t know-how, the best place to start is to put a smile on their face. Nobody says no to a smile, nobody.

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