Will Dodge Rims Fit A jeep Cherokee?

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Although rims are vehicle specific, when certain conditions are met, they can be quite interchangeable between one vehicle to another. Some of these compatibility factors and reasons for their interchangeability are the bolt patterns, lug nuts, rim and tire dimensions, to mention just a few.

As long as these conditions are met, you can as soon use the rims of one vehicle in the wheels of another car without any qualms. Now, will a Dodge rim fit a jeep Cherokee? We shall see about this question and also many others in the article eventually.

In order to clear all doubts, any 5 × 110 wheels will definitely fit a Cherokee or even a 20 × 9 wheels too. The fourth-generation Ram Tech. wheels will also do perfectly. Another Dodge tire rim that will fit a Jeep Cherokee is the 20 inch or 5 lugs on a 2015 1500 Ram.

Will Ram wheels fit a jeep?

It is as well for you to know that jeep Wrangler rims won’t fit on a Dodge Ram 1500. The major reason for this incompatibility issue being that they have different bolt patterns, as well as differences in many other specifications too.

Will Dodge Durango wheels fit jeep Grand Cherokee?

It is should be noted that realistically speaking, anything that fits Grand Cherokee will almost certainly fit the Durango too. So, 18 × 18 inch jeep Grand Cherokee X- Pedego wheel and tires set of 4 will fit the  Durango.

The Dodge Durango and Grand Cherokee wheels, rims and tires have a lot more in common than any differences one may care to know about. In fact, they are so similar that one may think they are deliberately designed that way on purpose.

Their bolt patterns, lug nut sizes, rim width and diameter, as well as tire heights and radii are mostly similar, so much so that if there are any variations, they are very reliable and hence inconsequential. These have made them highly interchangeable in virtually every aspect.

What is the Dodge bolt pattern?

The Dodge Ram 1500 has a 5 × 5 bolt pattern. You should please note that the lug patterns for all modern Dodge Ram 1500 trucks are uniformly 5 × 139. The following will show you some of the commonest lug patterns of the Dodge Ram trucks across several years;

(1). 1986 Dodge Aries model_________4 lug 3.9 inch.

(2). 1987 Dodge Aries model__________5 lug 3.94 inch.

(3). 1988 Dodge Aries model___________5 lug 3.94 inch.

What the lug pattern is a 99 jeep Cherokee?

The lug pattern of the jeep Cherokee varies slightly depending on the model of the car as well as its year of manufacture. Therefore, in order to give you a good analysis of the jeep Cherokee lug pattern, we shall give you a range of these patterns cutting across different years and models.

(1). 1984 …………………………01 jeep Cherokee XJ and also the Comanche MJ ……… 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern.

(2). 1993 to 1998 jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ model  ………………………………………..5 on 4.5 bolt pattern.

(3). 1995 to 2004 jeep Grand Cherokee  WJ        ……………..5 on 5 bolt pattern.

(4). 2005 to 2010 jeep Grand Cherokee   WK             ………………5 on 5 bolt pattern.

(5). 2011 to 2019.  jeep Grand Cherokee   WK 2.    ………..,…….,.5 on 5 bolt pattern.

What size is the stock jeep Cherokee?

There are quite a few sizes for the stock jeep Cherokee. However,  the 225/ 75/ r 15 is known to be the commonest of them all. XJ wheels are 5.25-inch factory backspacing.

Their sidewalls will stick an additional 1.25 inches. For the jeep Cherokee  2015, the stock size is about 18 inches. So, there you are on the stock jeep Cherokee sizes based on their years of manufacture or the various models too.

How do you fix jeep Cherokee?

There is what is known as the Cherokee death wobble, the abnormal behaviour that makes it extremely difficult to control the vehicle whenever it happens. Usually, the Cherokee death wobble starts whenever one of its tires( commonly the right tire first) suddenly hits a groove or a bump or, as a matter of fact, any obstacle on the road,  when the car is travelling at a speed of at least 40 to 50 miles per hour ( mph).

The cars affected by this death wobble phenomenon are the 1984 to 2001 jeep Cherokee XJ and also the 1985 to 1992 Comanche MJ, the 1993 to 1998 Grand Cherokee ZJ. Others are the 1999 to 2004 Grand Cherokee WJ as well as the 1997 to 2006 Wrangler TJ models.

In order to fix the death wobble in these cars, you may need to check the following components for symptoms of any looseness.

the tie rod ends on all four of them, the upper and the lower ball joints, the track bar mounting bracket bolts, the steering box brace, and finally the track bar ends. If after all these checks you find nothing loose, get a front end alignment of your tires done and also set the caster correctly as well.

The Hard KOR brand Super  DurometerTrack Bar Bushings, which are very effective in getting rid of death wobble too. In addition, you may also consider replacing your steering stabilizer as well.

The use of the steering ball brace can also help with this issue of death wobble too. Whatever the case may be, do not attempt to inflate your tires during episodes of the death wobble.

Will the wheel from Cherokee fit a 1996 Dodge Ram?

Absolutely indeed, since both, their wheels have the same 5 lug nuts in them.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will Dodge rim fit on a Chevy?

Though Chevy and Dodge’s wheels are fully interchangeable, that of  Chevy is not. Furthermore,  Ford and Dodge have the same threads while Chevy has metrics. If you compare the differences in this spacing, you will obviously come to the conclusion that there won’t be any fit between the rims.

Will Chevy 6 lug rims fit a Dodge?

As far as their wheels are concerned, yes, the Chevy 6 lugs rim will fit a Dodge. This is possible because their lug pattern is the same. On the other hand, it should be known that interchanging these rims might cause a problem with the centre bore of the wheels, due to which they might fail to fit over the hubs properly.

What rims fit Dodge Dakota?

For their widespread construction technology and overall rims compatibility, the Dodge Dakota has many varieties of rims with equally a wide varying range of dimensions, such that they can fit onto many vehicles easily.

The following set of rims are some of those which will fit the Dodge Dakota: 15 × 60 to 22 × 9.5 for the hubcaps, while for the tires, you have the following: 245/70 R 16, 255/ 65 R 16, 265/ 70 R 16, 265/ 65 R 17, 265/ 60 R 18 and finally, 265/ 50 R 20.

What truck uses 8 × 180 wheels?

The lug pattern 8 × 180 is a 5 lug pattern or 5 pitch circle diameter (PCO)  which is known to be common among Chevrolet and GMC( General Motor Company) vehicles mainly. Some of the vehicles  that use this lug pattern in both the Chevrolet and GMC cars are:

*  For  Chevrolet.

(1). Silverado 2500 ( 2011 to 2018).

(2). Silverado 2500( 2011 to 2021).

(3). Silverado 3500( 2011 to 2021).

*  For the GMC.

(1). Sierra 2500 HD ( 2011 to 2021).

(2). Sierra 3500 HD ( 2021 to 2021).

What are some of the best  Cherokee and GMC tire repair kits on the market and their prices?

Obviously, one cannot avoid getting a flat tire every so often, even though many factors regulate how often these things do happen.

Despite everything, we should be ready to attend to such important vehicle problems and emergencies whenever they happen because ultimately they would. Some of the commonest big truck tire repair kits are string plug/ tire patch, tire sealant, and slime.

(1). Some tire repair kits come along with string plugs or tire patches, which make up the bulk of what is used in tire repairs. A string plug is simply a piece of string that is inserted into any hole in the tire.

This string can be put in the tire easily with the help of a special instrument by positioning the string such that its soft body will fill the hole in the tire,  thereby preventing air from escaping out of the tire.

You should know that tire patches work based on the same mechanism; which is by simply covering the whole span of the puncture.  This option tends to be more effective in dealing with large punctures.

(2). Tire sealant

This tire repair kit uses a kind of special liquid that is adjudged as user friendly.  It is designed to dry out of a bottle such that it’ll create a physical barrier to block any existing hole in the tire. Most tire sealants are primarily meant to work with smaller punctures in tires, unlike the string plug for example.

(3). Slime

This special liquid tire repair substance has a peculiar characteristic all its own. It is known to dry up immediately upon contact with air in the environment. Particularly, the Slime 1034-A Repair Kit is very good for big trucks and car tires, such as Chevrolet, Cherokee trucks, GMC cars, and so on.

(4). SmittyBilt.

SmithBilt is known worldwide for its reputation of producing automotive parts that are extremely efficient and reliable. Its tire repair kit includes the 2733 Repair Kit, which is good for most types of cars.

Various factors determine the prices of these tire repair kits. Most of them focus mainly on the most important components needed to fix a flat, which includes a few string plugs and a couple of T- handle tools needed to insert the plugs into place,  without doing any more damage to the tire.

Their prices can be as high as 25 dollars but could be less in some instances. For larger repair kits,  they cost a little more.

These larger kits also come with strings or plugs and additional tools also, such as hex keys, set screws, and even pliers for different kinds of tires and repairs.

They cost about 50 dollars and above. However, for any repair kit that costs over 50 dollars, it must come with additional accessories that can make any repair faster and also easier too.

In most cases, they come provided with an air compressor, which you may otherwise have to buy separately.

How do you avoid damage and flattening of tires in jeeps?

The methods and procedures described here are useful not only in jeeps but in other vehicles as well. If you hearken to them without fail, chances are high that you would have very few and well-spaced tire issues and complaints. Some of these procedures are:

* Always make sure that you use the proper tire size, type and loading capacity (or load range). This will burden your tires less and enable them to last longer as well.

* Make sure that they are inflated properly, a measure that will protect them from any damage due to uneven wear.

* Do not endeavour to carry any load in excess of your tire load-carrying capacities.

*Always make sure that you rotate your tires regularly which will ensure even wear across all of them.

* Inspect your tires regularly which will enable you to spot problems early and take countermeasures before they become worse.

* Try to develop good driving habits, lack of which is a threat to your vehicle tires.

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Will Dodge Rims Fit A jeep Cherokee -Conclusion

The choice of tires, rims and other accessories is such a vital issue that every driver should make a very concerted effort to learn about it.

You should start by learning how to read the tire notation given on its sidewall. If you know what the numbers on the sidewall mean, you would be able to choose a rim, spare tire cover and even its replacement without any issues.

Every letter and number on the sidewall has a meaning, which is vital for you to know.

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