Will LandCruiser Wheel Fit Hilux?

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The LandCruiser series is the longest-running vehicle produced by the popular Toyota motor manufacturing company, and due to its heavy design concept – SUV to be precise – which can be likened to other Toyota vehicles such as the Hilux, some people have asked the question “will LandCruiser wheel fit Hilux?”

When it comes to Toyota, all the studs are likely to be the same, but definitely not the offsets. However, with regards to the cars in question – the LandCruiser and the Hilux – you won’t have any problem with either the studs or the offset because they are the same, meaning a LandCruiser wheel will fit a Hilux.

To be on the safe side though, after fitting the wheel, take it out for a test drive – say, around the block – and look out for scrape marks. If there aren’t any, then you are good to go.

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What rims will fit a Hilux?

The answer to this question strictly depends on the model and year of your Toyota Hilux.

Since we have established that fact, the table below will give you a quick rundown of new models, and if you aren’t sure your spec is listed in the table below, you could just let me know in the comment section and I’ll make the research on your behalf and send them to your email.

Toyota HiLux Workmate

Toyota HiLux SR

Toyota HiLux SR5

6J X 16” ET45 6J X 15”ET45

7.5J X 17”ET30

7.5J X 18”ET30

114.3 X 5

139 X 6

139 X 6               




Source: www.wheelandtyreshop.com 

What Prado rims fit Hilux?

There are scopes of Toyota Rims that will accommodate your Hilux. Some options out there might really you! With the new Toyota’s (post-2015) you can fit most Prado, Fortuna, Kluger, and FJ Cruiser wheels to your Hilux, so if you happen to see any Toyota wheel mentioned previously and they happen to catch your fancy, odds are that they will fit perfectly. 

There are lots of wheels that will fit this portrayal, such as Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Rims on the other hand if you’re in a Work Mate/SR model, you can move up to an SR5 2018 Toyota Hilux edge, but you must note that the most famous right now is the 2021 SR5 wheel, but these aren’t generally on the open market as are challenging to get due to the demand. 

Can I put wider tires on my stock rims?

Most drivers tend to ask this question, but the real answer to it is that it ‘depends’ on some factors. Most times, it seems okay to give it a go, but other times it’s good you just stick to what you already have.

For instance, if your tire is the large type that seems to go over the rim, there’s a good chance that it could be dismounted and wouldn’t even hold much air as required, which is not definitely something you want to experience especially if you get stuck in an unpleasant place.

To avoid such scenery, you are better off with the recommended tire as stated by the manufacturer.

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What stud pattern is a Hilux?

Before you purchase a wheel for your Hilux, ensure you study the stud pattern before you confirm the purchase. In Australia for instance, Hilux rims are known to have 6 studs which might differ in other places, so to be sure, ensure you properly check with the original and not just assume that everything would work as it should.

LandCruiser or Hilux – which should I go for?

I personally feel your car option should be dependent on what you do most, and when it comes to both vehicles, it’s actually a no-brainer. Let me work you through what I think below;

a) Car styles

Both cars come in different styles – the LandCruiser is an SUV while the Hilux is what we would love to call a truck. Both cars are heavy-duty cars regardless of their styles, however, the LandCruiser is built to give the owner a certain air of importance amongst his colleagues and the society at large, while the Hilux design doesn’t really give a hoot about what anyone thinks.

The LandCruiser is built for social glamour whilst retaining its doggedness and rigidity if necessary; whereas, the Hilux is built for work and adventure regardless of the weather or climate.

b) Engine

I want you to take note of the engine specs and tell me what you think overall: the LandCruiser has a 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine and makes 201 hp, that’s 204 PS/150 kW, and a torque of about 420Nm and 310 lb.

The Hilux on the other hand is designed with the invisible X model and actually powered by an identical engine to the LandCruiser, however, it comes with a much higher torque of 369 lb-ft (that’s about 500Nm), which is explainable especially when you put the purpose of each vehicle in question.

There’s no doubt that both vehicles can withstand tougher terrains, however, a Hilux is specifically built for such purpose.

c) Terrain testing

Based on several tests carried out by www.topspeed.com, the following results were gotten.

Test 1

Hill Race

The LandCruiser edition used for this test was the commercial version having two doors, while the Hilux was the normal version is one we all know.

The Hill race was set to begin at the bottom and end at the top, and when it was concluded, surprisingly, the LandCrusier was able to beat the Hilux by almost a car length despite the torque disadvantage I spoke of earlier.

Test 2

Downhill drag race

Running down the hill is not about finishing first but finishing last, which some experts call the hill-descent system.

The Hilux is actually designed for this and it doesn’t disappoint since it has a hill-decent control system and an automatic gearbox, which comes into play and applies the brakes automatically.

The LandCruiser on the other hand doesn’t have this advantage, however, leaving it in first gear would do the trick for you.

Test 3

The hairpin/rally test

This test requires both vehicles to take tricky turns around a technical area or what some experts love to call the hairpin challenge.

The winner of this test would have to be the fastest vehicle to finish the course. Because of the length of the short LandCruiser (commercial version), it seemed to have an edge over the long Hilux, especially with turns having a 10.4-meter radius.

The Land Cruiser did set a benchmark of 21.63 seconds while the Hilux finished closely with a time of 23.4 seconds, and that’s not putting into account the several bruises suffered by the vehicle when trying to maneuver.

Test 4

The Chasis control and suspension travel test

Next up for these vehicles was a test that involved bumpy trails, rocky terrains, and a slippery slope to climb at the end of it all.

If you paid close attention to the second test, you would agree that this shouldn’t be a problem for the Hilux due to the better chassis control system compared to the LandCruiser.

The Hilux has a rare locking mechanism that helps in such a situation, while the LandCruiser could only deal with the obstacle using its stability control.

The LandCruiser did manage to climb the slippery hill, but the Hilux made it look like a piece of cake, especially when you compare the time difference.

Test 5

The hill grip test

The final test on the day was to test their ability to power up a hill like it was a walk in the park. The terrain used was rocky and slippery, making it very difficult for an ordinary car.

However, with the Hilux going first, it managed to climb up the hill even if the rear didn’t make it look easy. The LandCruiser on the other hand had a relatively smooth ride to the hilltop thanks to its softer suspension as well as the central differential.

In conclusion, if you are looking for style and class, go for a LandCruiser, however, if you hope to get a job done regardless of the toughness of the terrain, go for a Hilux.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will 200 series wheels fit Hilux?

Due to the recent stud spacing and pattern change carried out by Toyota in the 200 series, you will discover that the wheels in this series will not particularly fit into a Hilux wheel. If you have an older version, it would serve you well to seek a professional opinion.

Do LandCrusier wheels fit patrol?

LandCruiser wheels will fit patrol, but patrol wheels will not fit LandCrusier because of the stud difference as well as the marginal difference in offset.

Will pajero rims fit a Hilux?

A Pajero rim will go well with that of a Hilux without having any sort of problems.

Will LandCruiser Wheel Fit Hilux – Conclusion

Since we have established clear boundaries between a LandCruiser and a Hilux, it is fair to say that they do have a lot in common, especially in terms of their performances. Do well to maintain your vehicle to get the best out of it for years to come. Cheers!!!     

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