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How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

Will Discount Tire Buy Takeoffs?

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Discount Tire is a company based in the United States of America that deals with tires of all kinds – including used tires (you should know that the chances of getting a used tire on Discount are relatively low). The company does not give a warranty to used tires, however, many persons have asked the question “will Discount tire by takeoffs?”

Yes, Discount Tire will buy takeoff tires. For you to understand why they buy takeoff tires, you have to understand why a tire is called a takeoff tire.

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What are takeoff tires?

Takeoff tires are those tires that come with a brand new car after purchase, but due to some reason best known to the owner of the newly purchased vehicle, he or she decides to replace all these tires with a choice they prefer. 

Contrary to some popular opinions out there, takeoff tires are usually good, especially when they come from a reputable car company, but some people do not feel entirely satisfied with their performance, hence the complete overhaul. 

If you are looking for something temporal – probably due to financial restraint on your part – you can choose to purchase takeoff tires until you feel comfortable enough to afford other models.

Will Discount tire buy used tire?

As stated earlier, Discount Tire is a place where tires can be sold or bought. However, you should know that Discount tires do not buy used tires out rightly.

How then do they get the used tires they sell? Well, what they do is that they can collect a used tire that is in a good working position in place of a small credit if you want to purchase a new tire. No specific amount of credit is guaranteed as they can vary according to the size of the tire.

This doesn’t mean they just go about accepting any sort of used tire for the sake of it. The company has a policy of not accepting tires that are above three years in use.

Even if the tire you have for sale has just been used for a year, the thread would have to be in good working conditions, and there shouldn’t be any sort of hole, tear, or plug threads on the surface or any area of the tire.

You can sell your tire online to them as they would need to be inspected by a trained professional before they can be considered. There is also something you should know; you will pay a fee if your tire is left at the store for a long time and no one comes in to make a purchase. All in all, you would be better off selling your tire elsewhere.

Will Discount tire sell used tires?

Discount tires are known to sell used tires, but as stated earlier, the probability of finding one is quite low. Even if you end up finding a used tire to purchase, the company will not provide you with any sort of warranty. However, finding a used tire at Discount tires means the tire is definitely road worthy. 

The cost of a used tire at Discount tires will vary based on the amount of thread left in the tire, the tire type, and the age of the tire.

Aside from Discount tires, you can also buy used tires from automobile shops in your area, as well as tire vendors online.

Will Discount tire install tires not bought from them?

Discount Tire will install any tire you come with, even if you didn’t make the purchase directly from them. However, the tire would have to be in good working condition and you would also be charged per tire installed depending on your area or region of installation.

You can also choose to get a lifetime service package when you purchase a balancing and mounting service from the company.

How to install a spare tire

Installing a spare tire is way easier than fixing a flat, and that’s why you should never hesitate on picking the former if you are left with a choice. Below are the following steps to follow when installing a spare tire on your vehicle.

Materials needed

Step 1

Find a flat surface to park your vehicle

Depending on where you want to install your spare tire – be it on the highway or in your garage – ensure the surface is mostly flat for safety purposes. If you are parked on the shoulder of a busy highway, endeavor to use the caution sign to warn oncoming drivers of your situation.

Step 2

Locate the jack spots on your vehicle

If you don’t have an idea of where the jack points in your vehicle are located, check the manual of your vehicle for precision. Once located, place the jack on the point closest to the affected tire and ensure the ground is strong enough to hold the jack. If you happen to have swampy ground, use a flat plank to help increase the stability of the ground.

You should also place chocks on all the tires – save the punctured one – before carrying out the next step, however, don’t forget to use your handbrakes.

Step 3

Loosen the lug nut of the affected tire

Using your wrench tool, lose the lug nut of the affected tire by turning the lug nut in the anti-clockwise direction. This might prove difficult especially if the lug nuts haven’t been loosed for a while, so you will have to exert enough force on all the lug nuts to get them loosed. Ensure the wrench tool is properly fitted to avoid you wearing out the nut thread.

Once the lug nuts are loosened, leave them in their place before proceeding to jack up the vehicle. Get your spare tire close by.

Step 4

Jack up the vehicle and place the jack stand

Proceed to jack up your vehicle in the appropriate spot specified by the car manufacturer, and once the tire leaves the ground to a reasonable distance where it can be easily removed, place the jack stand in the required position to compactly hold the vehicle as you make the change. It is not advisable to work on a jack without the aid of a jack stand as you would be putting yourself at enormous risk.

Step 5

Remove the affected tire and replace it with the spare

While the car is resting on the jack stand, completely remove the lug nuts from the affected tire and place them in a cloth or towel so that you don’t begin to look for them later. Carefully remove the affected tire and put the spare tire in its place.

Ensure the spare tire has the right pressure, which is sometimes unlikely because it hasn’t been in use for a while. The difference won’t be much though, but you are better off knowing than assuming.

Step 6

Place the lug nuts in their position and tighten

After replacing the tire, tighten the lug nut by first using your hand before using your lug nut wrench tool. They shouldn’t be too tight at this point since the car is mid-air but ensure they are tight enough. Then you can use your jack to bring back the car to its initial position on the ground.

As soon as the car hits the floor, you have to tighten the lug nut with every bit of strength you have, but as I specified earlier, ensure the lug nut tool is properly fixed so you don’t wear out the thread. 

Don’t forget to get the bad tire to a professional to get it repaired. The reason you could use a spare tire was that it was in a good condition, and if you don’t put the affected tire in good shape, you might be left to dry if an unpleasant situation occurs unexpectedly.


What should I do with used tires?

  • If you don’t seem to have a personal use for your used tires, you can always;
  • Find out where used tires are recycled close to you; don’t just pile them in your garage.
  • Confirm from the local auto shop in your area, state, or community if they need used tires for any purpose they deem fit – you could even sell them to them and use the money for something else that excites you.
  • Lastly, you could Google the creative ways with which you can personally transform tires to the benefit of your home such as using them for cushions or flower planters amongst many other options available to you.

Should you keep old rims?

People like to move with the times and it’s no surprise that car owners do the same for their wheels. There’s nothing wrong with using old wheels as long as they are in good working condition. However, changing them at intervals isn’t a bad idea.

Can you make money shredding tire?

Yes, you can make money shredding tires. However, you would have to own or rent a pickup truck to make the best of the opportunity. 

Will Discount tire buy takeoffs – Conclusion

On a final note, you should know that Discount tire has a reputation for refusing used tires, especially used ones; so ensure your tire is in top shape before placing them on sale. Let me know if you have any questions or observations in the comment section. Cheers… 

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