Can You Use Jack Stands On Pinch Welds?

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The pinch weld is a component at the forefront of the car in which numerous metallic facets are welded jointly. While the jack stands, it is utilized to raise the car upwards so you can access the parts of the car below.

Typically, after purchasing a car, you would be required to maintain it to keep it going. Maintenance should be on your mind when you think of buying a car.

In most cases, you might need to take it to a mechanic workshop for a few repairs. This is where the usage of jack stands and pinch welds come in. “Can you use jack stands on pinch welds?”

Can You Use Jack Stands On Pinch Welds? Yes, you can use jack stands on pinch welds. This is because the formation of the car is tremendously stiffened in these components and while utilizing these designated spots, you would experience smaller pressure in the pivotal part of the integral structure.

Additionally, these prop-up joints are stipulated since they are buttressed to endure the car’s weight. So, in this case, you can position a jack stand, lift, and a jack at this point.

 However, you have to ensure you position it on the right section of the pinch welds and not the part where the bumper overlays as the fender will curve. On the flip side, in some cars, a place to put your jack stands would be indicated with a letter.

So, you would have to check your car user manual to know where the lift section is on your car. Furthermore, you might have to build a block for your stand to include extra aid to prevent any fall or dangerous move.

Where should you put the jack stand?

You should position your jack stand on the mark indicated on the pinch weld by the car factory. If the necessity to jack a car arises when trying to fix something, it is necessary to set it in the appropriate place. You should not set it wherever on the pinch weld as you do habitually. This would transform the car’s architectural probity. 

The marker is to assist car buyers or mechanics to know where to place the jack stand. It also means the part is the dominant area of the pinch weld to place the jack.

If you have seen how pinch welds are built, then you would know why you need to be extra cautious when positioning your jack. The welds are constructed by dual electrodes(anode and cathode) nipping 2 segments of metal plates altogether.

A high level of electromotive force is induced for the metal plates to weld jointly. Technically, pinch welds are denoted as a rim or cliff below an integral part of the car. Some sets of people regard them as typical jacking areas and most times, they are braced to build them more substantially. 

Furthermore, not all cars have the mark indicated on the pinch weld. This makes car mechanics or owners place the jack anywhere on the pinch welds.

However, this way would have unknown results provided by the sort of metal utilized in the car. Literally, no matter how rigid the weld is, you should not put your jack on the weld. There are other things you could use to lift your car.

How do you avoid damaging the pinch welds?

To avoid damaging the pinch welds, you have to position your jack stand in the right place. Randomly, settling the jack stand anywhere on the weld can damage it by bending it. Then, you would have to straighten it back. Kindly note that straightening pinch welds would make it very vulnerable. 

So, the question is, how should you jack your car? There are numerous methods on how you can prevent your pinch weld from damaging. Below are a few of them:

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Utilize a jack bolster

Rather than positioning the jack stand straight on the weld, utilize a jack bolster. Some cars usually have the jack bolster to safely fit the jack stand. However, if you do not own one, you can make one. You can make it with a wooden chunk or a rigid portion of rubber. 

This bolster would apportion the mass of the car equivalently on the weld. It would also stop accentuating the weld part where the stand is holding up the car. 

Make use of a ubiquitous pinch weld jack bolster

Picking the exact jack bolster that would work perfectly for your car can be a bit hard. However, you can purchase a ubiquitous pinch weld jack bolster. For instance-

  • Byenins Universal Slotted Large Magnetic Jack bolster Weld Frame Adapter Rail (2 pcs)- This bolster fits all kinds of car models. It also fits the pinch weld spot on most integral cars. So, you would be able to jack the car successfully without securing any damage on the pinch weld. It has two neodymium sparse earth magnets for the highest holding energy when positioning the jack and lifting the car. It suits a pinch weld of at least 3 inches. 

The break of each slipped jack bolster is 0.385 inches wide by 3 lengths. The slip depth is 0.63 inches, while the core diameter is 3 inches. It is available in numerous colors and at different prices for each. This bolster is very safe to utilize. Plus, it would not damage your weld. 

  • GeeWatom Jack Universal Floor Rubber bolster Jack bolster Adapter Frame Rail Pinch Weld Side Protector Puck/bolster- This jack bolster is a universal rubber bolster. It suits any jack stand and car. It has a supreme weight- the fulcrum of about 3 tons. It is absolutely easy to use and it carefully lifts your car without causing any havoc. It has a cross-slipped style, and it offers additional cushion and crushes friction.

 The diameter of this bolster is 4.92 inches or 125mm and the thickness is about 1.02 inches or 26mm. It can be used to secure the car underbody metal jack area railing. It has a soft rubber exterior and does not scratch tinted or coated framework areas.

  • OMETTER Packs Universal Floor Cross Groove Design, Jack Rubber bolster, 2 Jack Rubber Bolster, Jack bolster Frame Rail Adapter Pinch, Weld Side Protector Puck/Bolster- This jack bolster is similar to the GeeWatom Jack Universal rubber bolster. They have a similar diameter of 4.92 inches and a similar thickness of 1.02 inches. It is a high-quality rubber bolster and it is repellent to damage. It also has maximum weight support of about 3 Tons. It is appropriate for most cars. It has 100% contentment assurance.

 It also has a weld adapter to fit with the side clasp and secures the side to prevent the rack elongated flash from tilting when you are lifting the car. It carefully lifts your car and does not cause any damage to the pinch weld.

Although it has a little bit of a rubber scent, you would have to put it out in the air to eliminate the smell. It is one of the best Universal bolsters you can purchase. It has a pack of two quantities and a pack of one quantity. The prices are different. 

Differentiate the jacking area

This method is effective as it would help you not to put the jack in one place on the pinch weld. You can just differentiate by putting a mark in a place you have used before, so you would be sure you are using another spot and not the same spot. Always utilizing a spot can undermine the spot and anything can occur at any time leading the car to fall from the jack stand.

Heed the instructions recommended by the car producer

There is always a car manual handed over to you when you buy your car. The manual contains the necessary information you should know about your car and it was written by the car producer. The manual contains the marked spot for jacking your car. This also would help you stay conscious of the appropriate place to position your jack stand. 

Additionally, the manual also contains some dos and don’ts of the car. You have to heed to everything to prevent further damage.  

Avoid utilizing an improper jack stand

Avoid lifting your vehicle with the improper jack stand. If it does not fit your pinch weld, then it is not suitable to be used. Contemporary cars have a jack spot indicated by the car manufacturer. If you utilize an improper jack on the right jack mark, it would still yield the same bad result. 

Technically, you are still endangering your car’s architectural integrity. It is necessary to purchase the appropriate jack stand with the right length to fit your car’s welds.

Can You Use Jack Stands On Pinch Welds – Conclusion

Can you use jack stands on pinch welds? After answering the question positively, it is necessary to position the jack stand in the appropriate spot to prevent any havoc. Kindly heed every instruction in this article and drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section.

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