Can You Jack Up A Car By The Transmission?

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A car transmission is often referred to as the whole drivetrain. It consists of the clutch, gearbox, prop shaft, differential, and the final drive shaft. However, Car owners and producers tend to jack up a car when the tire has issues or the brake has a problem. Lifting your car is necessary to do any repair in a car which leads us to the question “can you jack up a car by the transmission? 

Jacking up a car by the transmission depends. If you plan to jack your car to alter the tire or do some repairs beneath, you cannot jack up the car by the transmission.

This is because the metal pan’s plate is very thin and is easily crushed or even pierced by supporting the pressure of a car. Moreover, if you intend to jack your car to withdraw and install the transmission, then, you can. However, if you need to jack the transmission, you can purchase a transmission jack. 

The need for a transmission jack comes in when you need to withdraw or insert a transmission to your car. All cars are made with some welded metallic plates and these metals can get weak if pressurized with some tools like a jack. Just ensure you confirm from your car’s manual or contact your car model service for help. 

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How to carefully jack up your car?

When your car tire has issues or brake or cable issues, jacking up your car would be important. This is because you would want to access the underneath of your car. 

Nonetheless, before you jack up your car, you have to examine the subsequent safeguard. 

  • Utilize a jack stand to push your car up from the floor and not clutch the car at one point. 
  • Employ the jack stands when you are about to operate beneath your car – you can’t get crushed by the car if the jack stand is not suitably positioned on the weld.
  • Do not jack up your car without halting the car wheels from moving – you can utilize a wooden pad, bricks, metal chunk, or other pads to halt the car wheels that are not lifted. 
  • Do not alter a car tire on a highway- you can contact road assistance or car union or attach a cloth to your car to signal other drivers on the road for help.
  • Station your car on a leveled road before you jack-  if you have a punctured tire on the road and you cannot shore to the rear end without damaging the tire entirely.
  • Station the car in a car park and commit the parking brake before you jack your car. 

When you are done following the protection precautions, heed the following steps to jack your car

Step 1

Put the jack stand in the right position of the car it ought to be

If you put the jack in the wrong location on the weld or you make use of the wrong jack, it could damage the uniform structure of your car. This could lead to further repairs. 

However, to get the appropriate position to put your jack, you have to read through your car guide. If you do not have the car manual, you can contact a car service to tell you about it. 

Step 2

Push up the car by utilizing a jack

You can utilize a scissor jack or a hydraulic jack. If you own a scissor jack, put the wrench over the pinch weld and grouch, and if you own a hydraulic jack, set the hold into the applicable standpoint and exhilarate upward and downward. 

Utilize good and fair spasms using the jack hold from the least level to its highest level on each spasm to reduce the force exerted. 

Step 3

Put the jack stand beneath your car beside where the jack is stationed

Straighten the jack stands until they are suitable to fit underneath the car and key them. Reduce the jack until the car weld is sitting on the jack stands. Do not replace stones or wood for jack stands – it can be very hazardous. These things can slip out or the weld could break while you are beneath the car. Plus, it could lead to death or a fatal injury. It is necessary to buy the right pairs of stands and put them in the car boot. 

Step 4

Shake the car a little to guarantee it is sitting comfortably on the jack stands

When you shake the car, it would give the certainty you need regarding the position. If it is comfortably positioned, you would know. It’s okay if the car falls on the wheels than when you are beneath. 

Step 5

Reinstate the jacks when you are done and lower the car to its right position

Do you want to use a scissors jack? No problem! Just whirl the grouch in the au contraire way. And if you have the hydraulic jack instead, whirl the tension waiver valve with the use of the rod – the jack would do the other function on your behalf. 

What are the best transmission jacks to acquire?

You need to own appropriate tools to operate your car when the need arises. At a point, you might need to avert and insert a transmission on your car, and you would need a transmission jack. It’s always a no-brainer to purchase the right jacks to give you a good result. 

Below are the transmission jacks I would recommend for you to purchase

  • BIG RED TR4076 1/2 Ton (1,000 lb) Torin Hydraulic Roll-Under Transmission Service / Floor Jack: 

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 This is a hydraulic transmission jack. It is one of the best transmission jacks you can ever buy. Although it is quite pricey to an extent, it is worth it. It is durable and it would give the transmission the secure fit it needs. 

It was built with high-quality steel. It has a lift level of 8 ¹¹/¹⁶ inches to 22 ¹¹/¹⁶ inches and a ½ Ton-1000 lb weight power. It also has a protective oversupply system to help deter utilizing beyond its rated power. It features a 360⁰ rotating hold and a flexible cranium and bridle.

It has a universal reinforcement head with a broad forward and an aft slope, allowing the posturing easy. It is also equipped with four 360 degrees whirl casters to transmit steady and detailed actions. This Jack is coated with powder to prevent it from rusting. 

  • Sunex Telescopic 7793B 1/2-Ton Transmission Jack

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 This is a telescopic transmission jack. This exact jack would serve you fully. I mean it is the best of the best. Although it is very expensive, the price is in exchange for a good asset. This transmission jack is a foot-initiated pump pedal to freely raise your hands off the rams. It can be expanded to attain the utmost height of 74 inches. This height would help you level your car to the highest point. 

Additionally, it has decreased telescopic thrusts allowing the transmission to be disseminated from the jack to a work chart. It owns a nylon clasp tied down to conserve the weight of the car to the bridle. The overlay valve curbs the jack from being utilized beyond its rated power. Plus, It is sturdy and very easy to compile. 

  • Pro-Lift Transmission Jack Low Profile – Heavy Duty Roll Under Floor Capacity for Car Light Truck Jack High Lift from 9 to 24 inches with 1100 Lbs (1/2 Ton) – 

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If you intend to buy a transmission jack, then you would have to be ready to spend a good amount of cash. Repairing and maintaining a car might require you to spend quite a lot. This transmission jack has 1100 lbs power designed to be utilized like support while averting and installing the transmission of your car. 

It is a hydraulic system and it is secured from interior damage by a monogrammed by-pass engine. It has a rocky steel whirl and enormous swivel ball-bearing casters. The installed by-pass appliance preserves the hydraulic system from overexploitation ravage. It has a flexible head that can be fastened, bent forth, and backward for outstanding alignment of transmission clasp structures and bolts.

The Jack also has a weight restraining chain and it is crucial for lifting and lowering protection. Additionally, it also has multi-standardized knobs to guarantee the transmission nidus is constantly at the right angle to direct and adopt any weight. It also has all-wheel casters to enable susceptible motion and placing of the transmission jack.  It has a minimum height of 9 inches, a maximum height of 24¾ inches, and a jack size of 28¾ inches × 15 inches.  It is a must-have transmission jack. 

Can You Jack Up A Car By The Transmission – Conclusion

Can you jack up a car by the transmission? After answering the question with a two-sided answer and a reason, it is necessary to heed the instructions given. You can also purchase the transmission jack I recommended, they are worth it and durable. 

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