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How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

How To Give Someone A Flat Tire Without Them Knowing

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Okay, I know this sounds very creepy, to say the least, but when you think of how pissed off some persons can make you get, then you will come to know that giving them a flat tire should be the least mayhem that should befall them.

Disclaimer: Before I go into any further detail on how to inflict damage to an enemy’s tire, kindly note that you are personally responsible for any trouble that might arise as a result of this action you are about to carry out. Also, note that this website will not be held accountable in any way possible for your actions as a result of the content shared on this website. I was responsible for my actions, and so should you. (Read Also:Can You Use Jack Stands On Pinch Welds?)

Having said all that, I will be telling you the story behind my first deflating escapade in the steps below.

Pro Steps To Give Someone A Flat Tire Without Them Knowing

Step 1: The Reason Must Be Viable

In my own case, I felt the reason was more than justifiable due to the event that leads up to this act. My neighbor had a very annoying habit of bringing home hookers every night, I mean every damn night! If bringing home hookers was the problem, then there wouldn’t have been a problem at all, but rather he would hold a mini-party before they got down to their real business (if you know what I mean).

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I tried explaining to him that I worked remotely most times and that I did most of my work when people are asleep because of the peace and tranquility the night brings, but it all fell on deaf ears. Their business (if you know what I mean) was very loud, and it lasted deep into the night. The only thought I could conjure then was to restrict his movement anytime he was about to go out, and what better way to go than to deflate them wheels!

Step 2: You Must Have Courage As Your Back Up

Carrying this out was no small feat I tell you. Lots of items needed to be checked, but at the top of my list was courage. Could I really carry this out? After giving it a lot of thought, I felt I had to, at least for the sake of my sanity. My workload load was piling up, and since my neighbor wasn’t given to reason, I felt I had to go ahead with my plans.(Read Also: Can I Use Tire Foam To Clean Engine?)

If you don’t have the courage to back you up on your set out plan, you might as well just forget about the whole idea, this is because you need to get every aspect spot-on.

Step 3: Get A Box Of 3-Inch Nails

The next thing I did was to get a box of 3-inch nails, I aligned some of them just underneath the front tires, and then I went inside. I only wanted to cause minimal damage so I placed them at just one of the tires, and as you are about to find out, it turned out I made the right decision. (Read Also: How Long Does A Nail Have To Be To Puncture A Tire?)

Step 4: Wait For The Outcome Of Your Evil Deeds

Then came that part of the night when my neighbour was to go on his usual whore shopping, I peeped at my window and watched as he carelessly hopped into his car, and all of a sudden, I heard a loud pop! Sound. My neighbour got down from his truck and started cursing. He looked round to see if he could catch the miscreant who punctured his tired, but there I was, peeping from the side of my window.

Step 5: Deal With Your Conscience

As it turned out to be, my neighbour ordered an Uber ride, which would have made all my effort in vain, but alas he didn’t return until the next morning. I had the night to myself, it was peaceful and devoid of any form of noise, but my heart was not at peace.

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It then occurred to me that I had been a tad selfish about the whole thing, and didn’t even think of the cost it would have on his purse. To maintain a clear conscience, I needed for my task, I concluded within myself that I would man-up to him the following day and set the record straight.

Step 6: Make Amends

When he walked into his apartment, I took a little time of my own to rehearse what I was going to say to him, and there I was, sweating profusely as I tried to bring myself to knock on his door. When I finally did, he came out and we exchanged the normal pleasantries.

I tried explaining the events of the night before whilst leaving the part where I was sorely responsible for the disaster I brought on his truck tires.(Read Also: Can Tire Pressure Sensors Leak Air?Find Out Now)

I really can’t remember the exact details of the whole conversation we had, but at the end of the short conversation we had, I did let him know how peaceful my night was in his absence and we laughed over it. I offered to pay for the damage, but he declined and said he would take care of it himself.

That answer wasn’t enough for me, so I decided to drop a $200 bill in the spot where he drops his house keys, at least to clear every form of guilt I might have on my conscience.

Safer Ways To Puncture A Tire

After that ordeal, I got to discover that there are safer ways of puncturing a tire without having to destroy the tube. However, except you have lots of time on your hands, you shouldn’t consider this procedure.

Step 1

Unscrew or remove the screw from the needle inside the valve stem. If you are familiar with car tires, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Step 2

Cut off the valve stem. You can also choose to remove the stem cover and press the needle-looking core that will be exposed when you remove the stem cover, but you should note that this process will generate a lot of noise due to the air expelling from the tube, and since you wouldn’t want to be noticed, it wouldn’t be a good idea.

Once again, do note that this act is a criminal offence, and is likely to attract legal action. Learn to follow the line of peace as much as you can. No peace or satisfaction comes from carrying out evil on another man.(Read Also: Can Bike Tires Pop?Find Out Now)

Can You Pop A Tire With A Knife?

Yes, you can, but before you carry out such a deed, you should note that it makes a loud sound, so if keeping your deed, a secret, then I suggest you seek another option.

You should also know that most states do not allow patches on tires, and as such, you will be sending your prey to amazon to shop for new tires after the deed might have been done. Do well to think twice before carrying out this stunt.

One last thing, you also stand a very high risk of injuring yourself in the process. Puncturing a tire is not as easy as it sounds, and except you have a very strong Swiss blade, don’t even think of the idea.

So What Kind Of Knife Will Cut A Tire?

Just like I stated in the FAQ above, you will require a very strong Swiss knife to carry out this act. Using your conventional kitchen knife can break in the process of making the puncture, then injuring you in the process. You really don’t have to take that risk, do you?

Can I Go To Jail If I Get Caught Slashing A Tire?

Hmmm…  I actually thought of this possibility before I carried out this act, and you should too. You are unlikely to go to jail as the act you’re about to commit is called vandalism. However, there is a huge possibility that you would be arrested and that on its own is a stain on your record especially if you didn’t have any.

It also wouldn’t matter if you succeed or not in the act, but the fact will remain that once you get caught in the process, there is a huge chance that you will be arrested.

You should also note that if the tires are worth close to $500, then you might be going to jail for up to 90 days and might also be required to pay a fine of $250. So you might want to think twice before carrying out such an act.

Will Slashing The Tires Set Off The Car’s Alarm?

I actually didn’t consider this factor, but you should. The alarm of my neighbour’s car didn’t go off, and from the research, I have made, it is highly unlikely that a car’s alarm will go off as a result of your actions.

This is because most alarms would have to possess a sensitive tilt sensor for it to go off. Some alarm wouldn’t even go off if you kicked at it really hard with your foot. So as long as the car is stable all through the process, you are unlikely to set off the alarm. (Read Also: Can My Tire Fall Off With A Bad Wheel Bearing?Find Out Now)

What Will Happen If I Choose To Slash All Four Tires?

Common don’t be mean. I don’t know what that fella has done to you, but all four tires? Common! Well, if you still want to go ahead and slash all four tires of your victim, you should know that the terms of your victim’s insurance policy are likely to come into play if all four tires are slashed. So you might actually be doing your victim a long-term favor by gunning for all four of his/her tires.(Read Also:Does Tire Sealant Expire?)

Apart From knife And Nails, What Else Can Puncture Tires?

Several factors come into play when it comes to having a flat tire, and some of them include the following;

1. Damaged Valve Stem

Valve stem issues are another regular reason for tire issues. The valve stem is the minuscule bulge from your tire that you unscrew when you have to put air in it. A spoilt or eroded valve stem can make air spill out of the tire, causing it to go flat. Free or dirt-obstructed stems can likewise make tires lose air.

2. Leaks From Tire Beads

In some cases, air will spill from the tire dot, which is the edge of the tire that lays on the rim. This leakage can make the tire flat after some time. To check if there is an issue with the tire bead, spray your wheel framework with foamy water. If a constant flow of small air pockets or bubbles arises, you most likely have a tire bead leak.

3. Separation Of Tire And Rim Caused By Collision

This separation typically happens when your tire hits a curb or when you rub the wheel strongly against the walkway while stopping or parking. The tire slips somewhat from the rim, causing a moderate loss of air over the long run. This is by and large not something you can fix all alone, but rather seek the services of a mechanic without any problem, at a little cost to your purse.

4. Cars With Alloyed Wheels

Vehicle owners with aluminium wheels are urged to consistently check their tire pressure. If the leakage continues, carry your vehicle to a mechanic for an expert fix.

5. Unexpected Eventualities

At times it’s absolutely impossible to forestall a punctured tire. Learn to drive securely and cautiously, and follow the appropriate methodology. If you experience a startling block on the road: don’t pummel on the brakes, allow the vehicle to naturally come to a stop while steering to the roadside, turn on your risk lights, and don’t endeavor to change the tire yourself except if you are a few feet away from moving traffic. (Read Also:Can You Jack Up A Truck By The Leaf Springs?)

Conclusion – How To Give Someone A Flat Tire Without Them Knowing

Is it really worth it? Is it an act you will look back and be proud of? In my own honest opinion, I strongly feel that you can easily overlook whatever grievance you might have towards your target and learn to move on. The world would be a better place if we learn to overlook faults.

One more question, I hope you will feel cool if someone else slashed your own tires, give it a thought, will you?

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