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How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

Does The BMW Warranty Cover Nails In Tires?

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Irrespective of how sharp your vision may be, nails are not easily spotted from a distance and are therefore a common cause of flat tires and tire damage.

Nails, no matter their size can cause varying degrees of damage to the tires, making you wonder how something so small is capable of such magnitude of damage. Replacing a car tire is commonly not budgeted for, therefore having your car company pay for the tire is nothing short of awesome.

So, Does the BMW warranty cover nails in tires? Yes, it does. Depending on the terrain you often drive through, it is difficult not to think of the possibility of suddenly having to pull over on account of a tire puncture. how does someone who constantly has these thoughts drive peacefully without  

The concern with having your tire punctured by a nail is that most times even after repair by the best tire repair person who could find, the tire becomes increasingly weak and could go flat unannounced.

This is why some car owners do not entertain repair of a punctured tire, rather, the tire is to be replaced. Tire replacement is easier said than done, not because tires are considerably expensive, but because the need for the replacement usually occurs suddenly without much warning.

I am of those who love to have everything budgeted for and rarely entertain expenses outside this budget. As a car owner, you will soon discover the car maintenance cost can take up a significant amount of your earnings and sometimes eat into the savings as well. we have decided to look closely at the warranty policy of BMW regarding nail tire puncture and the eligibility to have such tire replaced without spending a dime.

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What is covered under the BMW warranty coverage?

There is a long list of possible causes of a tire puncture. the question most persons ask is whether a nail is considered a road hazard or not? The answer to this will determine whether flat tires suffered as a result of a nail puncture can be considered covered by this warranty. 

The policy has it that when driving on a road in which the state or local government is charged for its maintenance, punctures suffered either as a result of the tire picking up a nail, or from other sources such as potholes, tree branches, or glasses, will be covered and paid for by the company.

All over the country, there are numerous stations or retail shops where this is done without putting the car owner through much stress. If the example you are looking for is a car company that makes this replacement process a piece of cake, then your thinking is right.

It is unpleasant to have to go through a series of questioning and huddles to simply have the tire replaced. Irrespective of the possible benefits to this, some stresses are simply not worth it, and the car owner will rather pay for the replacement than be subjected to a rigorous process.

With a good number of shops spread across the nation and these shops willing to render a helping hand in guiding the customer to where they can get prompt help with their tires, the process has never been easier than in the current state.

Is a flat tire one of the items covered under the BMW warranty cover?

If what you are thinking about is what tire qualifies for this cover, then you are not alone, I was also thinking the same thing. Without any doubt, there is a good chance that the company will have a fair number of criteria that are used to include or exclude the damaged tire and decide who will, by the end of the day, benefit from the warranty coverage.

Any of the following is qualified for the replacement of their damaged tires; OEM, OEA, SEP, WIN, WPK, and tires purchased on February 1 018, or after this date as well as tires purchased on the first of April or after this date.

What other tire damage is covered under the BMW warranty?

If you are not already aware of the various coverage plan offered by BMW, then ensure to go through the section carefully, to learn more about the various offers that will help maintain and preserve both the performance and looks of your car.

Aside from the coverage for tires and wheel, the company also provides a protection plan for the windshield, key, and protection against dents.

The beauty of this is that, even for damages that are eligible for repair, rather than repair, the tire or wheel is completely replaced with a brand new, high-quality product.

When any of the above-listed components of road hazard to the wheel to an extent in which the wheel develops a bend through which there is slow leaking of air keeping the tire pressure below the recommended, then this will qualify the wheel for replacement.

Damages of no functional implications, particularly, those only limited to the aesthetics of the car are equally covered. When the wheel damage is of aesthetic implication, some of such damages are equally qualified for replacement

Read the conditions of the protection policy carefully and familiarize yourself with what is covered, what makes you eligible and what disqualifies you, and other available benefits you may not be aware of. Whatever policy you wish to enlist on, within the time duration paid for, any replacement, irrespective of the number of times, is done for free.

What are the eligibility criteria for BMW warranty coverage?

If your fear is getting turned down, be rest assured that this is an unlikely outcome when you visit any BMW outpost for a claim of the warranty protection provided for tire punctures due to nail or other puncture agents. 

Disqualification is not a common finding, however, certain documents must be provided as well as a few numbers of conditions that must be met.

First, there is no way of getting a tire replacement without having first presented the damaged tire. Without this, the damage cannot be confirmed or inspected for qualification.

A damaged tire is really of no use to the car owner anyway. Therefore, the demand for this to be presented, in a way will help dispose of the damaged tire which in most cases has no other use to the car owner. 

Alongside the damaged tire, you are also required to have with you an original copy of your invoice for the tire as well as the vehicle VIN. These are essential documents you should not forget to have with you on presentation.

At the presentation center, the damage is assessed to decide whether it falls within the type of tire damage covered by the warranty protection. Following verification of the status of the damage, you become eligible and entitled to a full replacement of the damaged tire with a brand-new premium tire for your BMW without paying a penny for this.

While today’s discussion focuses on damages caused by a lodged nail in the tire, this is not however the only eligible damage that qualified for this cover.

The threat to the health of the tire is numerous, potholes, an underrated enemy could become your worst nightmare, especially when driving through an unfamiliar road in which the driver is unaware of the locations of the potholes and unable to see clearly due to nightfall. In this situation, the diver is likely to run into potholes at full speed and get the tire and wheel damaged at the same time.

Whatever the case is, be it potholes, debris, glass, or nails, BMW has got you covered! The program comes with uncountable benefits some of which include:

  • The car owner is protected from the worry that comes with having to spend an unplanned amount of money following a sudden development of a flat tire caused by a lodged nail. Tires are not highly expensive, nor are they as cheap as engine plugs. They cost considerably, especially if more than one tire is needed to be replaced.
  • the warranty cover is such that your benefit is to have the damaged tire completely replaced with a new premium tire. Although the damaged tire may be reparable, the warranty is not for repair but replacement. So, you get to walk home with a brand-new tire of considerable quality.
  • Irrespective of the number of times the tire gets damaged, the number of times you presented for a claim, the aggregate number of presentations does not count. Each time, the tire will get replaced without any hassle.
  • The warranty cover is not conditioned to the vehicle mileage. Irrespective of the vehicle mileage, you will still get to enjoy the full benefits of the protection cover
  • When someone else gets the car, the new owner will continue to benefit from the protection cover, cool, right?

Does The BMW Warranty Cover Nails In Tires – Conclusion 

Whatever the cause of the fire damage between nails, glasses, or others, having the damaged tire replaced without breaking your bank account is possible under the BMW warranty protection coverage.

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