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How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

How To Catch Someone Putting Nails In Your Tire

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One of the first questions victims of such a heinous act tend to ask themselves is “what on earth have I done to deserve this?”, and at all times the reasons are never viable, to say the least. Some of the perpetrators of these acts who have been apprehended have said they felt it was the only way they could get revenge for something that never held water. (Check out How To Give Someone A Flat Tire Without Them Knowing)

Below are some measures you can take to curtail such malevolent events from happening around you.

Killer Ways To Catch Someone Putting Nails In Your Tire

1. Park Your Car In Visible Places

The miscreants who carry out such crimes are less likely to puncture your tire if there is an active presence around the area, for fear of being caught. If you have noticed that your car has been punctured at a particular parking spot, trying parking at another parking spot that is safe and busy at the same time.

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Anyone who comes to cause damage to your vehicle is likely to get caught under such conditions.

2. Make Use Of A Car Camera

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This is by far the easiest means of knowing the culprit’s identity. Installing a car camera in your car can help you take photographs of the culprit, and even help record the moments. The camera would have to be hidden so as not to draw the attention of the culprit involved. There are many such cameras in the market, but the best and the most effective is the VAVA Dual dash camera.

Here are some of its exciting features:

  • It Comes With A Separate Camera: The VAVA Dual dash camera comes with a separate camera that can be mounted on the rear window of your car or the car’s cabin. This will give you a closer look at the front road, and the rear as well.
  • Great Night Vision: It has a light enhancer that helps it in low light environments. The perfect combination of the F1.8 and 6-glass lens helps to drastically reduce the necessity of an external light source regardless of the low light available in the environment, and still, yet, you can be sure it will record and capture very sharp images.
  • It Monitors Your Car For 24-Hours: The VAVA Dual dash camera will stay on even when your car’s engine has been turned off. It has a battery capacity of 320mAh that aids in recording videos immediately there is a bump on your car of any kind, or when there is any form of physical presence around a vehicle. All you have to do is simply activate this function in the settings of your camera. As soon as you turn on your VAVA Dual dash camera, it enters rec mode, and also saves the footage, while the VIVA dash app will help you transfer the video evidence recorded to the police right from your phone.
  • 360-Degree Swivel Angle: With this feature in the VAVA Dual dash camera, you can be certain that any form of blind spot is reduced to its barest minimum. It also allows you to take instant snapshots of unexpected events that occur while driving.

Having the VAVA Dual dash camera installed in your car is the surest way to catch any hoodlum who tries to vent their frustration on your tires. Besides, the police will only take your complaints seriously if you can provide enough evidence of the activity taking place, and what better evidence than to have the whole activity recorded, with the face of the perpetrator in it. (Read Also: Can I Use Tire Foam To Clean Engine?)

It can be hanged on your rearview mirror, and since it can rotate, it won’t be a problem to catch the criminal from any angle.

3. Motion-Activated Alarm

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If the incident happens in the spot you park your car, then I suggest you get this motion detector alarm and hang it on a tree, fence, or any surface; but ensure it is not easy to spot so that the culprit can be caught right-handed.

You can even place it under the bumper of your vehicle, it is completely waterproof, and can travel as far as 1000ft to reach the receiver. As long as there is movement in or around the place you packed your vehicle, you will be alerted. (Read Also:Can You Put Drive Tires On Steer Axle?)

4. Ask For Help From Neighbors

If you feel it is getting out of your control, lay a complaint to your neighbors around and have them keep an eye out for the culprit. It makes catching the culprit easier, and might even reduce the incident if one of your neighbors is responsible since they will now be alerted that more eyes are out looking.

5. Report To The Cops

This should be the last route you should take, and most times, the police will want proof of the incident before making any necessary measures. Simply ask your local cop to include your area in their routine patrol radius, and also state the time the incident is likely to occur. This should help in nailing down the culprit in no time.(Read Also: Can My Tire Fall Off With A Bad Wheel Bearing?Find Out Now)

Why Would Someone Puncture My Tire?

For starters, you could be annoying. Don’t take it the wrong way, but if you are that neighbour that enjoys making his/her presence known in the most annoying way possible, then you are likely to generate enemies. By being annoying, this is what I mean;

1. Infringing Into The Rights Of Others With Your Lifestyle

This can include keeping your neighbours up in the dead of the night with your sexual activities (an example I happen to be a victim of), throwing disturbing parties, and any other activity that you’re personally not okay with.

2. Ignoring The Annoying Noise From Your Car

This could come from a loud and annoying exhaust pipe you have vehemently refused to fix for reasons best known to you. If you seem okay with it, some persons might find it disturbing, and would rather not have you drive the car around anymore. (Read Also:Can You Jack Up A Truck By The Leaf Springs?)

3. A Jealous Neighbor, Friend, Or Colleague

This is definitely out of your control, but some persons might find your level of success intimidating and could unleash their jealousy on your tires. This is usually not your fault, but I guess it’s the little price we have to pay for success.

None of the above reasons is entirely justifiable, but from time to time, we should ensure that our rights in society are not selfishly used within society.

How To Fix A Nail Puncture In Your Tire

If your tire picks up a nail or a screw, either accidentally or placed on purpose, do not panic. Follow these simple steps in the next paragraph to get rid of the nail from the tire. You should note that driving with a nail in your tire will only aggravate the problem, although it is quite safe to drive a very short distance. (Read Also: How Long Does A Nail Have To Be To Puncture A Tire?)

1. Park At A Safe Spot

The first thing you need to do is to pack at a safe spot. Ensure that you are out of harm’s way before carrying out the routine check. This step is not necessary if it is discovered in the parking lot.

2. Jack Up The Car To Examine The Exact Spot

Jack up your car and spin the tires to determine the exact location the nail or screw pierced, it is likely to be visible to the naked eye if it’s a nail or a screw.

3. Remove The Nail Or The Screw From The Tire

If the item causing the discomfort in the tire is a screw, use a screwdriver, but if it is a nail, you can use a plier, a claw hammer, or a vice grip to take out the nail.

4. Ream The Hole

After removing the nail or the screw, ream the hole. Tire plug kits are known to come with files you can use. Reaming the hole makes it easier to locate when repairs are to be carried out on it.

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5. Thread The Plug Tool And Insert A Tire Plug

Once you are done with the reaming process, check your tire kit for another tool that looks like a needle. Take the plug threaded needle and put it into the hole you just reamed.

Apply a gentle force until you see that there is a little amount of plug sticking out. Remove the plug tool out of the tire, and this should make the plug stay in the hole. Try as much as you can to trim the end of the plug to make it have an even surface with the tire.

This should help until you decide to seek a permanent solution from the mechanic’s workshop. Here are some FAQs you might have about the safety and maintenance of your car tires.

 How Do I Know I Need New Tires?

knowing when you need a set of new tires is important to the safety of not just you, but others who use the road as well. Here are some tips to help you know when to replace your tires with new ones;

1. Take Note Of Your Thread Depth

The average tread depth of a tire should not fall below 1.6 millimetres, which is the same as 1/16-inches. Anything below this will be considered unsafe for you, and if you are frequently plying slippery surfaces, then your vehicle thread needs to be a lot deeper than stipulated above.

There is a simple way to check this out; use a penny coin, and insert it into your car thread (head-down). If the head in the coin (Lincoln’s head) remains visible, then it means that your tread depth is below the required depth, and the best thing to do is to head to the mechanic workshop for a pair of new ones.

2. Look Out For Tread Wear Indicators

This feature is readily available for modern-day tires. They have inbuilt indicator bars that are barely visible when purchased but begin to surface as soon as your tires begin to wear out.

They usually appear as flat rubber bars that run perpendicular to the thread. The moment you notice one or two of these bars rearing up their ugly heads, then it’s high time you head to the dealer’s shop to get a new one.

3. Check For Bulges And Blisters On The Tire

This can simply be compared to a human having an aneurysm; an aneurysm is an event in the blood vessel that can lead to your artery blowing up, and the same can be said of your tires. there are instances where the surface of your tires begin to weaken, and as a result, there can be bulge and blisters that extend outwards.

Ignoring early signs of bulges will lead to your tire exploding, and this could be very fatal especially when you are driving. Always do a routine check to look out for this.

4. Notice The Increase In Vibrations

It’s normal to have vibrations from time to time especially when you are on untarred roads, but as the driver of your vehicle, you should notice when the vibrations become excess.

There are certain causes of vibrations which can be caused when your tires are misaligned, or if your shock absorbers are wearing out. But in some cases, it could also mean that there are some internal problems with your tires you need to address. It is also very likely that your tires will not be responsible for the vibrations, however, do well to address the root cause of the vibration before it has a damaging effect on your tire.

5. Don’t Ignore The Cracks In The Sidewall

When it comes to the safety of your tires, you should note that not all the problems will come from the thread of the tire. From time to time, do a regular check on the sidewall, and look out for cracks that are visible to your eyes. Any of such cracks you see signals an impending doom which can come as a leak on your tire, or worst still, a blowout or what I like to call a tire explosion.

If you judge that the cracks are becoming serious, do well to take it to the mechanic’s workshop for a change.

Conclusion – How To Catch Someone Putting Nails In Your Tire

Tires do not cost much, compared to the damage or loss they will incur on your person if they are not treated as a matter of priority. After warming up your engines, the best thing to do is to check out your tires and ensure that they are poised to serve you for the day.

Looking out for your tires is something you should do religiously, you shouldn’t neglect their importance in any way.

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