How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is To...
How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

Will Tires Stop Bullets?Find Out Now!

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Anyone who has seen one or two action movies will notice that when shooting at cars, the tires are first targeted in other to stop them from moving.

I feel the reasons why the tires are targeted is because there are more prone to punctures than other parts of a car. But are there car tires designed to stop bullets? Can car tires stop bullet?

Your normal car tires are unlikely to stop a bullet from penetrating it, especially when it is shot through the sidewall. However, there are new tire designs that have been designed to withstand the might of a bullet and I will be discussing how they are made shortly.

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How bulletproof tires are made

Security has been a major challenge in most parts of the world hence the emergence of bulletproof tires, which can not only withstand the impact of a bullet but also hold their own in very rugged terrains. For those of you wondering how bulletproof tires function, let me give you an insight.

To start with, bulletproof tires do not function like your regular bulletproof glass. What you might not know is that bulletproof glass will only rebuff the impact of a bullet to a very large extent. What I mean is that if someone uses a low-level pistol gun close to bulletproof glass, it might have a crack or show the point of impact.

However, if a machine gun or double-barrel gun is used at a close distance, there’s almost no guarantee that the bullets from these high-caliber guns won’t find their way through.

Bulletproof tires on the other hand are actually designed with the ability to stop a bullet from penetrating by either deflecting the bullet upon impact or getting it stuck at the point of impact.

The production process

The making of bulletproof tires with thick rubber

Bulletproof tires made with durable thick rubber are not the best version of bulletproof tires out there since they can only hold their own against low-level guns. High-level guns may inflict damage on these sets of bulletproof tires but they would have to be shot at a precise angle to cause any harm. The rubber used in producing these tires is almost equivalent to what is used to produce ten tires, which makes them very thick.

With such weight, you wouldn’t expect these sets of tires to run as fast as your regular tires, but it doesn’t mean they are too slow either.

The making of bulletproof tires with air compressors

Another system used in designing bulletproof tires is by using air compressors in tires. Unlike what might be going on in your mind, these air compressors come with tires.

The principle behind the air compressors in tires is to keep them running and working effectively even if a puncture occurs. In the case of an attack (regardless of the caliber of the gun being used), the bullets will bounce off, but if they eventually penetrate the tires, the tires will not lose air and will continue to act as though nothing came through.

Some bulletproof tires in this category are also designed with hoses that pass through them, from which the air goes in. Check valves are also installed in the tire bladders, and they close and open at set intervals. This timing allows are to enter and remain in the tire whenever a puncture occurs or a shot is fired. 

You can usually find these types of bulletproof tires in tankers, tractors, trucks, and trailers.

The making of self-sealing bulletproof tires

Bulletproof tires are also made with the same design principles of sealing tires as we have with bicycles. These tires are designed in such a way to avoid quick loss of air when a puncture happens, by making the tire material cover up the hole from the bullet whilst the tire maintains its regular pressure for a specified period – usually an hour.

With this, one can easily get away from life-threatening situations without having to worry about changing tires. 

A reputable tire company called Michelin has signed a partnership with Ford to help produce the tires on their Ford explorer 2020 – I gave you this piece of information just in case you are wondering where to get this set of amazing tires.

The making of bulletproof tires with solid metal rings

This type of bulletproof tire does not in any way look like any of the tires we have discussed in this article today.

They are designed with metal rims that are smooth at the edges in other not to harm the tire itself; however, they are very added on each sidewall of the tire to help keep bullets and sharp objects away since that’s usually the weak link in tires generally.

Note that there’s a chance that a bullet can hit the part of the tire that isn’t protected by the metal rims, however, the tire will still remain in shape for a while until a lasting solution is reached.

Since you now have an idea of how a bulletproof tire works and functions, let me quickly run you through how to fix a flat tire.

How to fix a flat tire?

Materials required

Step 1

Park in a safe place

If you happen to notice a puncture while driving on a highway, endeavor to park your vehicle on the shoulder of the road and also remember to put a caution sign in other to warn oncoming drivers of your situation and position.

Step 2

Chock the tires

Aside from using your handbrake, you should also chock the tires to prevent them from rolling, especially if the surface is slightly inclined. Not heading this warning can cause your vehicle to move in the inclined direction when it is eventually jacked up.

Step 3

Locate the jack points in your vehicle

If you aren’t sure of where to place your jack, endeavor to look at the manual of your vehicle to be precisely sure. Placing the jack on any area of your vehicle can cause untold damage to your vehicle.

Step 4

Place the jack on the point and jack up your vehicle

Once the jack points have been located, place the jack underneath it and ensure the ground is strong enough to carry the weight of the vehicle. If it is swampy or muddy, place a plank on the area your jack will be situated to improve the bearing capacity of the floor.  

Jack up your vehicle until the tire leaves the floor. Then place your jack stand close by before gently realizing the car on the jack stand. Note: jack the vehicle where the affected tire is situated.

Step 5

Remove the tire from the wheel and locate the puncture

Remove the tire from your vehicle by using your wrench tool and carefully located the exact spot of your puncture.

The cause of your puncture is most likely to be a nail or a screw so keep that in mind. Once you have located the nail, use a plier to carefully remove the nail, but in the case of a screw, you would need a screwdriver.

However, if you can’t seem to locate the spot of the puncture, you can gently pour water on the width of the tire and look out for air bubbles as they emerge from the specific spot.

Step 6

Use your tool kit to plug the hole

Once the leak has been located, place your plug kit apparatus close by and use the screwdriver-like tool to roughen up the hole and expand it.

Peel off the worm-like object in your kit and thread it through a needle-like tool in your plug kit – ensure you centralize the thread. Insert the needle-like tool containing the worm-like thread insert it into the hole and ensure the thread makes it through; however, remember that half an inch should stick out.

Remove the plug tool and use the scissors to cut out the remaining part of the thread.


What makes a tire bulletproof?

Depending on the type of design, tires can be bulletproof based on different tire structures. However, the common reason why a tire might be bulletproof is usually because of the solid metal ring within.

Will rubber stop bullets?

As stated earlier, certain rubber tires are made with very thick rubber that can definitely reduce the effect of a bullet when shot at. However, this not is feasible when high caliber guns are involved.

How much are bulletproof tires for cars?

Depending on the size and the manufacture of the tire, a bulletproof tire can cost you around $300-$1600. Note that the bigger the tire, the more expensive it will become.

Can Car Tires Stop Bullets – Conclusion

Thanks to technology, security can now be enhanced with the emergence of bulletproof tires. You can’t be too sure, so it’s always better safe than sorry. Kindly drop your comments and suggestion in the comment section. Cheers… 

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