4 Best Jack For Goldwing 1800 In 2021

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Growing up, one of the bikes I wish I owned was the Goldwing 1800 – the feeling I experienced when I eventually got to ride it is something that has left an indelible mark on my memory – I can easily call it heavenly, and I won’t be exaggerating. Goldwing bikes are an easy choice to make due to their durability, comfort, and design. If you intend touring, there are few bikes out there that can match the endurance and rugged nature of the Goldwing 1800. Here are some of its important spec to back up my claim.

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of Best Jack For Goldwing 1800 You Should Check Out In 2021

Product NameFeaturesPrice
(Our #1 Picks) Extreme Max Hydraulic Motorcycle JackComes highly recommended,It’s loading capacity is one of the highest capacity you will see in the market,It is highly durable,It comes with a warrantyCheck Price
(Best Overall) Orion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift JackVery affordable,Does not require any form of setup,It is very portable,Comes with working glovesCheck Price
(Best Value) OTC Ultra-Low Profile Motorcycle JackIt is versatile for most heavy-duty motorcycles,It is very durable,Has a 2-year limited warranty,Comes highly recommended by other motorcycle ownersCheck Price

Engine: water-cooled flat 6, SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, with PGM-FI

Bore/stroke: 2.9 in X 2.9 in

Compression ratio: 10.5:1

Power: 93 Kw (125 horse power) at 5,500 revolutions per minute (rpm); 73 Kw (98 hp) at 5,500 rpm (for rear wheel).

Torque: 170 N.m (130 lbf.f) at 4,500 rpm 148 N.m (109 lb.ft) @ 1210 rpm (rear wheel).

Ignition: Digital electronic

Transmission: 6-speed manual with slipper clutch, tour with electric reverse, or 7-speed dual-clutch automatic with reverse and forward.

Fuel capacity: 20.8 L (4.6 imp gal; 5.5 US gal)

Seat height: 29.3 inches

Suspension: Front; Single shock double-wishbone 109.2 mm (4.30 in) travel. Rear; single-sided swing arm with pro-link Showa shock, 104.1 mm (4.10 in) travel.

With these awesome features in a bike, tell me, why would you want to take the risk of tripping it on the side to get a tire fixed when you can simply treat your bike properly by jacking it up properly with the right apparatus – aside from avoiding some sort of damage to your bike, here are other benefits of having using a motorcycle jack for your Goldwing 1800.

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Best Jack For Goldwing 1800 – Benefits Of Using A Motorcycle Jack

Proper View

It gives you a proper view of all the areas you need to work on, compared to when it’s being tipped on the side – besides, you don’t have to go through the stress of lifting your bike from the ground after completing the intended task.

Reduces The Risk Of Wrecking Something Else

In the process of tipping your bike on the side to get something fixed, you are likely to ruin the handle or the hand brake especially you accidentally drop it.

It’s The Proper Way To Go About Jacking Your Bike

You can decide to eat with your bare hands or you can decide to eat with cutlery – the choice is entirely yours. However, you will agree  with me, that you would rather eat with cutlery outdoors in front of strangers than it with your hand – the same goes for motorcycle jacks – it gives you and your bike a good feeling amongst your friends, especially when they see you doing it the right way, rather than the old conventional way.(Read Also: Will Jeep Rims Fit Ram 1500?)

In terms of getting a motorcycle jack for your Goldwing 1800 or any bike of such calibre, be aware that there are lots of factors you have to consider before settling on a choice – the primary checks to tick include the following;

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle Jack (Buyer’s Guide)

The Type Of Motorcycle

We know there are many types of motorcycles out there, therefore, it’s essential that you first consider the type of motorcycle you have. There are many jacks out there, and each one comes with its specifications that may not match with the bike you have – if you are using the Goldwing 1800 motorcycle, or any motorcycle of its equivalent, you need not worry because the jacks I will be reviewing shortly are the perfect fit for your bike.(Read Also:Can You Jack Up A Car By The Engine?)

Weight Of Your Motorcycle

An average Goldwing 1800 weighs about 368kg (811.3 lbs), so if you’re getting a motorcycle jack, ensure it has the ton capacity to carry such weight. Even if you don’t own a Goldwing 1800, but you have a motorcycle similar to it, ensure that the motorcycle jack you intend buying weighs more than your bike, to prevent any form of casualty.

Lift Range

Just like car jacks, the lift range in a motorcycle jack is equally important. Ensure it extends above 10-inches for maximum result, as anything below this might not be sufficient for your motorcycle needs.

Material Make Of The Jack

The jack of your choice should be made with durable steel, aluminum, or both. Anything other than this might not be good enough in terms of the longevity of your motorcycle stand. Motorcycles of the Goldwing 1800 caliber are known to be very expensive, and the jack is built with sturdy materials, you might not get what you need in the long run – which is primarily good value for your money.(Read Also: 5 Best Tire For Snow Plowing In 2021)


Knowing that a product has a warranty no matter how limited gives you some level of assurance that your money will be put to good use upon purchase, and a motorcycle jack is no different. Try looking out for the warranty option in a motorcycle jack before making any eventual purchase.

Having looked at the factors necessary for making your choice, here are the five jacks that make my list of best jacks for Goldwing 1800 and its equivalent motorcycles. These choices are not based on any incentive I received from any third party, but rather, they are based on hours of thorough research of individual remarks who have used these jacks over a long period, forum discussions, and customer reviews around the globe.(Read Also: How Long Can You Drive On A Bent Rim?)

Each of these products has its pros and cons just like every other product that exists on planet earth – Do well to make your pick based on what you feel will meet your biking needs. Here we go!

1. Orion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift Jack

Check Price On Amazon

First on my exclusive list is the Orion motor tech motorcycle jack – made with some good steel fabrication, the Orion motor tech motorcycle jack come highly recommended by owners who have had nothing but praise for the product. As you should expect, there are a few cons I discovered based on the research carried out, but before we dig into that, let’s get to see the features of the product.

Product Features

Material Composition

The Orion motor tech motorcycle jack is completely made of steel to ensure that you use it for a very long period as some of the users have had this product in good working condition for more than 3-years. (Read Also:Can You Drive In Tire Jack Mode?)

Lift Range And Capacity

The lift range of the Orion motor tech motorcycle jack is from 3.75 inches to 13.4 inches, and it can lift a motorcycle load of up to 1200 lb – which is more than enough factor of safety for a Goldwing 1800, or any similar motorcycles. It is also designed with brake systems to ensure stability when raising the bike.

Wide Platform

The landing surface where your bike will be mounted measures 9.8 X 15.8 inches, which users have agreed is sufficient enough to accommodate your motorcycle while you work on it.

Non-Slippery Deck

In terms of slipping away from a jack which can be the case of some motorcycle jacks out there, the Orion motor tech motorcycle jack is designed with premium rubber to provide your motorcycle with the required support and traction. It also helps to prevent scratches to the surface of your motorcycle.

Very Portable And Easy To Set Up

As a matter of fact, no setup is required for The Orion motor tech motorcycle jack – all that is required of you is to put the bike underneath the jack and jack up your vehicle.

The manufacturers of the Orion motor tech motorcycle jack have advised not to use an impact wrench as it may cause damage to the nut. (Read Also:Can I Use A Floor Jack On Gravel?)


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a very high recommendation
  • Does not require any form of setup
  • It is very portable
  • Comes with working gloves.
  • Has a good carry capacity


  • Does not come with a warranty
  • The lift range can do better, although users are generally satisfied with it.


2. OTC Ultra-Low Profile Motorcycle Jack

Check Price On Amazon

Next on my list is the OTC ultra-low profile motorcycle jack. Known for its durability amongst many users, the OTC ultra-low profile motorcycle jack comes highly recommended. Here are some of its features. (Read Also:How Often Do Jack Stands Fail?)

Product Features

Material Composition

The OTC ultra-low profile motorcycle jack is made of steel all-round that provides it with the durability most persons have come to appreciate

Lift Range And Capacity

It has a lift range of 3.5 inches to 16.8 inches which more than enough to meet the required clearance to work on your bike regardless of the situation. it also has a lift capacity of 1,500 pounds which should sufficient enough for the weight of your motorcycle.

Straps, Foot Pedal Release, And Automatic Safety Lock

The OTC ultra-low profile motorcycle jack also comes with straps that can be used to hold down your motorcycle while working to ensure maximum safety. The safety lock ensures that your bike does not come crashing down while at its maximum height.

These safety features are one of the reasons current owners seem to appreciate the OTC ultra-low profile motorcycle jack.


The OTC ultra-low profile motorcycle jack comes with a two-year warranty which further increases your trust in the brand.


  • It is versatile for most heavy-duty motorcycles
  • It is very durable
  • Comes highly recommended by other motorcycle owners
  • Has a 2-year limited warranty
  • Good height range and lifting capacity 


It does not come with an assembly instruction which users have complained about, so you might have to be very handy, or look up a YouTube video for proper assembling of the OTC ultra-low profile motorcycle jack – hopefully, the manufacturers look into this.


3. Extreme Max Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack

Check Price On Amazon

The Extreme max hydraulic motorcycle jack makes it to my list due to the rave reviews that have poured in concerning this product. Here are some of its amazing features

Product Features

Material Composition

The Extreme max hydraulic motorcycle jack is made up of durable steel, intended to serve you for an extended amount of time

Lift Range And Capacity

It has a lift range of 4.5 inches to 14.5 inches which should provide you with enough clearance to work with – it also has a loading capacity of 1700 lb which is more than sufficient to handle the weight of any bike that comes on it.

Rubber Saddle Pads

The rubber saddle pads of the Extreme max hydraulic motorcycle jack ensure that your bike is securely fitted on the surface of the workstation – it also prevents your bike from being scratched from the steel build of the jack.

Foot Hydraulic Pedal

The Extreme max hydraulic motorcycle jack is designed with a foot pedal that helps to control the speed of the jack when descending so that your bike doesn’t crash on the ground surface.


The Extreme max hydraulic motorcycle jack comes with a two-year warranty that helps build the confidence of the owners and intending owners alike.


  • Comes highly recommended
  • Its loading capacity is one of the highest capacity you will see in the market
  • It comes with a warranty
  • It is highly durable


They have been few complaints from some owners of improper packaging of the Extreme max hydraulic motorcycle jack upon arrival, but which has by no means affected the durability of the products, besides, you can also make a return if you aren’t satisfied with it.


4. J&S Motorcycle Jack

Check Price On Amazon

Finally, on my list is the J&S motorcycle jack, and the special thing I noticed about this particular jack is that it comes highly recommended by Harley Davidson motorcycle owners. Here are some of its features

Product Features

Material Composition

The J&S motorcycle jack is made of very durable steel and it is also designed to withstand several harsh conditions.

Lift Range And Capacity

It has a lift range of up to 18.5 inches, and it has a maximum capacity of 2000 lbs which should be more than enough to meet your motorcycle needs.

Saves Floor Space

The J&S motorcycle jack saves space in your workshop or wherever it is being used by having a small footprint of about 37 inches by 24 inches.

Very Versatile

The remarkable loading capacity of the J&S motorcycle jack makes it extremely capable to fit any kind of bike, regardless of the make. This is one feature users have loved about it.


The J&S motorcycle jack comes with a two-year warranty to further prove to its loyal customers that it is more than capable of holding its own.


  • Comes very highly recommended
  • Its most of the motorcycles you can think off
  • Its lift range of 18.5 inches and the weight capacity of 2000 lbs makes it very capable of handling any sort of motorcycle.


  • Does not have a rubber saddle to prevent your bike from scratches.

That rounds up my review on the best jacks for Goldwing 1800 available in the market today. Feel free to drop your suggestions or input regarding my choices in the comment section – meanwhile, here are some other FAQs you might have regarding Goldwing 1800 motorcycle jacks, or other motorcycle jacks in general.

How Do You Jack Up A Goldwing 1800?

Jacking up your Goldwing 1800 is not a big deal in any sense, however, there are some steps you should follow as I will be outlining shortly.

Step 1: Adjust the Goldwing to your side

The first step in jacking up your Goldwing is to adjust it to your side. Don’t use the center jack for this procedure, rather, use the side jack, then balance it in the direction you will be placing the motorcycle jack.

Step 2: Get The Motorcycle Jack Ready For Jacking

The next phase will require you to get the motorcycle stand ready for jacking by bringing it closer to the side jack you raised. Ensure you mind the spring of the side jack so that you don’t tip over your Goldwing 1800 in the process.

Step 3: Remove The Belly Pan And Watch Out For The Cooling Reservoir

After getting the motorcycle jack ready, remove the belly pan of your Goldwing 1800 before placing it on the motorcycle jack – not taking this precaution might lead to you destroying the pan during the jacking process. Also, ensure you watch out for the cooling reservoir located close to the center stand before placing it on your motorcycle stand – this is because the weight of the motorcycle stand can crush the cooling reservoir if the weight of the bike is allowed to rest on it – and that’s why choosing a jack with a spacious middle is ideal for your Goldwing 1800.

Step 4: Jack Up The Bike

Once you have taken the necessary precautions stated above, the next phase will require you to jack up your bike. To ensure the successful completion of this step, ensure you place your hand on the handle facing your direction – use your leg to slowly jack up your bike because your jack is closely placed to the side jack supporting your Goldwing 1800.

Placing your hand on the handle will ensure that you adequately support the bike once the motorcycle jack begins the process. As you use your leg to continue the jacking process (your motorcycle jack may have a different working principle), carefully pull the bike towards you to ensure it seats level on the bike stand – continue raising the bike until you get to your desired height, then lock your motorcycle jack stand to the point where you will need the height to be sustained.

You should also endeavor that the foot of the jack is directly under the center stand of your Goldwing 1800.

Step 5: Use The Latch For Further Safety Procedure

Once your Goldwing 1800 is properly positioned on your jack stand, ensure you properly secure the bike especially if you intend changing or removing the front or the rear tires by using latches – These latches will help to secure your bike firmly to your motorcycle jack regardless of how vigorous the work on the bike might be.

Step 6: Bringing Down The Bike From The Motorcycle Stand

After completing the maintenance on your bike, carefully bring down the jack to ground level, then ensure that the side jack of your Goldwing 1800 is well positioned so that once the jack gets to the floor level, your Goldwing 1800 can simply rest on the side jack with it tipping over to the other side.

The bike stand used in the breakdown above is very similar to the extreme max hydraulic motorcycle jack – if you have any further questions or contributions regarding these steps, kindly let me know in the comment section.

How Do You Tie Down A Goldwing 1800?

if you need more details on how to securely latch your Goldwing 1800 to your motorcycle jack, simply loop the latch, or hook it to your Goldwing 1800 – you can use the leg support or any other secure area to loop it through the bike, then connect it to your motorcycle stand to the point where there are spaces for the latches.

Do it for both the front and rear wheels, and your bike should be as secure to work on as it should be. If your motorcycle jack doesn’t come with a strap, click here to use one of these.

Do I Need A Motorcycle Jack?

Of course, you do… I did shed more light on this in the first segment of this article above, kindly scroll upwards to see the benefits of having a motorcycle bike.

Types Of Motorcycle Jacks

For motorcycle jacks, there are basically two types of jacks which are;

  • scissors jacks
  • hydraulic jacks


Scissors Jacks

These sort of jacks are also known as screw jacks. They are made of metal components, and will usually have the metals intertwine with one another in the form of a scissor, hence the name ‘scissors jacks’. It works with a spanner and a tool to screw and jack up the machine and it basically requires a more manual approach.

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks on the other hand are known to be more durable than their scissors counterpart and will likely give you a longer life span compared to the scissors jacks. They are also more expensive.

Where Do You Place The Jack On A Motorcycle?

The motorcycle jack should be simply placed underneath the center jack of the motorcycle, as this is a more centered position than anywhere else.

Do Motorcycle Jacks Need Maintenance?

Definitely… from time to time, ensure you grease the joints of the lifts to ensure they last for the intended lifespan.

Best Jack For Goldwing 1800  –  Conclusion

Owning a Goldwing 1800 is definitely a dream for every motorcycle owner, and it’s important that your dream motorcycle is treated to the grandest treatment available, and one good way to go about this is getting the best jack available for their proper maintenance – you will be glad you did.

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