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How Often Do Jack Stands Fail?

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To do a few repairs on any car, you would have to use a jack or a jack stand. In most cases, you might not get a car technician to help you, which means you would have to do the setup yourself. However, the common fear for most involved is the jack stand as there is no guarantee it would hold a car appropriately. Then, you begin to look for answers regarding jack stands failure. This leads us to the question, “how often do jack stands fail?”

Jack stands failure depends on a few reasons which include, the weight the jack stand supports, the jack stands position on the car, the ground’s surface, and the jack stand status. All these reasons determine how the car is well balanced, plus, how the jack stands fails. You need to keep in mind that jack stands do not lift a car. 

Nevertheless, it offers secured and rigid support to the car when it has been lifted by a jack. You have to continuously attempt to reduce the chance of jack stands failure by scrutinizing it before every use. You should also use 1.5-ton jack stands with 1,500 lbs of weight. In this case, you are using half the rated weight capacity. Ps- an average fare car scales around 4,095 lbs.

Over the years, the national highway traffic safety administrator (NHTSA) made their research concerning jack failures. After their research, they found out that over 4,823 millennials nationwide, were operated in clinic rooms seasonally, due to jack stand failures — a huge number if you ask me, and that’s why you should take this article seriously.

 Can jack up your car and damage it?

It depends on some factors. If you set your jack in the right position, your car is safe from any damage. Likewise, if you set up the jack in the weakest part of your car ( i mean, the wrong place), your car would be damaged. What are these damages? Cracking suspension elements, crooked floor pan, or twisting the car door. 

All these components are very pricey to buy; so, you have to ensure you detect the strongest place before putting your jack stands. Moreover, car manufacturers have made it easier in the new car models by indicating the rightful place to put or set your jack stand. Even some old cars have the sign. 

However, if you don’t know where the symbol indicator is, you should read through your car’s handbook. How about I let you know something important? Which is, a wrong jack can also damage your car. If you put the wrong jack in the right position, the negative effect would still be the same. In other words, both the position and the jack type are important. You have to ensure you purchase the right jack by asking for the weight, the load capacity, etc, and make sure the length is the same as your car’s metal rib. You can also contact your car’s model to know which jack is suitable for it. Better still, purchase a universal jack.

Is it safe to use 4 jack stands at once?

Yes, it is safe to use 4 jack stands at once. However, you have to make sure the 4 jack stands are positioned in the appropriate place of the car. You should know there is no 100% safety when it pertains to jacking a car. The jacks must be of good quality, they must all be placed on the flat leveled ground with a solid surface. A concrete floor is a perfect example.

The use of floor jacks can be utilized in case anything breaks. Furthermore, knowing how to position these 4 stands would determine the safety. The jack stands must be kept at the right height, plus, the jack itself should also be close. After putting the jack stands, you should shake the car to know if it is well balanceddo not forget to get wood chunks to stop your wheels from moving.

I would recommend you check out your car instruction regarding the use of jack stands and the amount in the handbook. You can also call car services to know more. If you do not have the handbook, you can download it. This is because some cars would advise you to use 2 jack stands, while some would tell you to use any amount ( 4 is the highest though).


How to set a car on 4 jack stands?

The use of 4 jack stands is not always recommended but most times, you would need to access the beneath of your car for some repairs. This is used by people who were unable to reach professional car technicians, leaving them to do the repairs themselves. 

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However, I would be helping you through the methods of how to set up four jack stands on your car. Hopefully, you will be able to set your car up carefully.  Before you begin, you would be needing some pieces of equipment which are-

  • 4 jack stands- you would be needing these 4 stands to lift all the wheels. Ensure the jack stands are at least 2.0 tons each. The TONDA jack is a good product and a 2 tons jack.  
  • Wheel chunks- you can get wood pads or chunks, bricks, or metal pads to block each wheel.
  • At least 2-floor jacks- you would need this equipment since you will be raising your car yourself. This would help you go beneath your car to raise it, so it is well placed on the stands. You can purchase this trihelper car floor jack.
  • Call a pal- working underneath a car with 4 jack stands looks pretty safe, I would still advise you to call a pal you trust well.

If you have all these, then, you can proceed with the lifting

Step 1

Ensure your car is on flat terrain

You have to be certain your car is parked on flat terrain. If there is a slight slope, it could affect the jack stand or the balance of the car.

Step 2

Deactivate your vehicle

In this case, you do not need your car wheels to move. This is where the use of wood chunks or bricks comes in. activate your car’s brake and use these bricks to block the wheels of your car, after jacking. Use one at the front wheel and another at the back wheel.

Step 3

Unfasten the nuts on each wheel

This step can be done if you need to take the car tire off. Use a wheel wrench to unfasten the nuts before you proceed with the jacking.

Step 4

Find the jacking area

All cars have a jack point at the front transmission and the steering wheel. When you look at these points, you would be able to position the floor jacks in the proper place, to uplift the car.

NB- the car handbook can be a great help to find these spots or you can ask a car technician to tell you.

Step 5

Uplift your car with the floor jack and set the jack stands

Before you can put one angle of the car on a jack stand, you have to raise the opposing angle first and set the jack stand on your preferred spot. Meaning, if you intend to put the jack stand on the front transmission first, you would have to put the floor jack on the steering wheel to uplift the car. 

While doing this, you have to secure the front wheels with a block of wood or brick. When the car has been uplifted to your desired height, set the jack stands below the front wheel one angle at a time.

To set the jack stand on the steering wheel or the back wheel, put the floor jack in the middle of the car and uplift it. When it is lifted, set the remaining two jack stands at the back wheel, and reduce the car height.

Step 6

Regulating the uplifting height

Keep in mind to increase the car height steadily to what you desire. Begin the uplifting at the least setting on your jack stand. Then, proceed gradually to the height you need.

This will give space for you to reach the rear jacking area, so the jack stands would not slip.

However, kindly ensure the 4 jack stands are of the same height, so the car will be well stable.

Step 7

Ensure the car does not twitch

When the 4 jack stands have been positioned, and the car has been lowered to the desired height, proceed by shaking the car with your two hands. If the car twitches, you would have to regulate the height of one or all of the jack stands. This is to ensure they are all of the same height.

How Often Do Jack Stands Fail – Conclusion

How often do jack stands fail? After giving you reasons why your jack stand would fail, it is necessary to jack up your car in the appropriate way and ensure the car is well stabled. Regardless of how safe the 4 jack stand is, you ought to be vigilant when working underneath the car. Be careful with your body and tell your friend to always look out for you

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