How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is To...
How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

Can Broken Glass Cause A Flat Tire?

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For all categories of road users, tire puncture is a dreaded occurrence and more so when it happens at unhealthy places and abominable times; where the puncture simply becomes only the part of a bigger problem. Hence, we can never over entertain this issue and that means it deserves all the attention we give it. Please, digest all these well, for you never know when it might come in handy to save you and possibly others too through you.

On whether broken glass can cause a flat tire, the answer is both yes and no. Curious you might think, right? However, wait until you hear me out. The answer can be no, since broken glass may not actually puncture the tire because, in the case of steel-belted tires, the pieces of glass may at best tear the rubber fabric of the tire but not do much damage to the steel belts embedded in it.

This though depends on the strength and type of glass. Pieces of glass from windshields and rear lights or headlights, at scenes of accidents, may not puncture tires as such, but broken bottles on debris heaps with very sharp edges can. The tires so injured by broken bottles may continue to function quite well, but there is a downside to the story.

With time, this tire previously injured by broken glass may accumulate dirt and moisture at the site of the injuries. This moisture and dirt will predispose the steel wires in the tire to corrosion. Eventually, the wires may be forced to separate from the rubber thereby leading to tire damage.

Now, I am sure you understand why the answer is a curious one. All in all, certain types of broken glass may not puncture the tire immediately, but eventually, the weakened tire may be forced to succumb due to gradual degradation by other agents; dirt, and moisture accumulating in the tire.

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What Can Puncture Tire?

There are many things that can puncture a tire such as sharp objects like nails or broken glasses, collision with other vehicles or tough objects, and various road hazards. By road hazards, we are talking about potholes on the roads, uneven road surfaces, and other hard objects that may find themselves on the roads, however inadvertently.

We must not fail to mention one other thing that is implicated in causing tire punctures, much like all the others, and that is careless reckless driving. Drive carefully, within speed limits, and avoid arbitrary application of the brakes. All these factors are very complicit in causing tire puncture, so, avoid them as much as possible always.

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What Do You Do If You Run Over Glass?

If you happen to run over broken glasses and you suspect that your tires may be affected, park at a safe place and inspect them carefully. Chances are you might not see anything on casual inspection, particularly if you are not a specialist. However, to be doubly sure and also to prevent further aggravation of the problem and likely resultant headache, drive to the nearest tire specialists and get them to give the car a careful inspection. In the event of damage or injury to any of the tires, get them to patch up the place or places right away. With tires, you can never be too careful, and rightly so too.

How Do I Fix A Punctured Tire?

In order to fix a punctured tire, you should first remove the tire from the rim after jerking up the car and removing the tire with its rim from the wheel axle. Then proceed to inspect the tire carefully, both inside and outside, for any signs of damage. This is very important because on observation, what looks quite simple on the outside, may in fact be very serious inside.(Read Also: Will Snow Chains Damage Rims?Find Out NOw)

Once you are certain that the damage is repairable, trim the puncture area and wipe it clean of any debris to stabilize the place. Proceed thereafter to pull a rubber stem through the punctured area thereby sealing off the inside of the tire, from the inside out. Also from inside out, buff the puncture area and then apply special vulcanizing glue.

From here, you can then go ahead to install a patch on the inner lining over the puncture by causing a chemical reaction. You are now basically done and so, proceed to mount back the tire and thereafter, inflate it to the required pressure, and check for leaks. The entire process may not take more than one and a half hours,  at most.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Punctured Tire?

It is never safe to drive with a punctured tire for multiple reasons. Firstly, by driving on a punctured tire, you stand the risk of damaging the tire beyond any repairs. Secondly, the rim may also get damaged completely, though how much the rim gets affected is determined by the nature of the road on which you drive and how you drive too. (Read Also: Do I need to replace All 4 Tires On 4matic?Find Out Now)

At best, you are advised to drive just a few yards from the scene of the puncture to a  safer place in order to avoid any accidents with other road users, if the puncture happens on a busy road. To make matters worse and very inadvisable, driving with a punctured tire may constitute a danger to you and other road users, so avoid it, as much as you can.

Apart from the tire or its tube that can easily be at risk, if we drive on a punctured tire, there are many other car parts that are equally endangered such as the brake linings, rotors, suspension components, calipers, fenders, and lots more.

Which Tires Are Not Repairable After A Puncture?

It is not always that you get the chance to repair a punctured tire because some tires cannot simply be repaired! Why is this so and what kind of tires are those? We will therefore discuss the tires that fit this description. Mostly, tires are not repairable due to the severity of the damage they have suffered.

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When any tire is punctured outside what is called ‘The Puncture Repair Area,’ please, to avoid unnecessary risks to yourself and others, do not attempt to repair. After all, your life and safety are worth a lot more than just a mere tire. Simply buy another tire to replace it. If any tire repair is restricted to the middle or crown of the tire, avoid any attempt at repairs as well.

We have previously discussed what the crown of a tire is. So knowing where I am referring to shouldn’t be a problem. The size of the puncture also tells us whether it is repairable or not. For most vehicles,   when the puncture is more than one-quarter of an inch, please better plan on taking the tire out of service entirely, to prevent any subsequent hard luck situations.

Finally, replace any tire in which you notice any bulge or bubble on its side, which might have been caused by a collision with a curb, pothole, or other obstacles in the road. Bulges or bubbles in tires are not repairable and so, simply retire the affected tire permanently! Period. (Read Also:Do You Put Chains On Trailer Tires?)

What Are Some Of The Dangers Of Driving Over Broken Glass?

The dangers of driving over broken glass may not be immediately visible or felt. However,   if they happened, they will eventually come to haunt you. This is because most pieces of glass may not be able to do much damage to the tires, but glass pieces with very sharp edges can do severe damage like broken bottles.

When this happens, the broken glasses may succeed in only breaking the rubber fabric of the tire but not the steel wires embedded within it. This vent or tear in the tire may ultimately lead to the accumulation of dirt and moisture in the tire.

The accumulation of moisture and dirt in the tire will eventually cause the rusting of the steel wires in the tire belts. The moment rusting sets in, the embedded wires in the tire may snap and hence the tire will rip open and thus become damaged, sometimes irreparably

Nobody relishes the idea of buying anything other than the most durable and beautiful. Except of course where that is not affordable or available, but we always want the best of everything! And come to think of it, why shouldn’t we. (Read Also:Can A Toyota Tundra Pull A Fifth Wheel Camper?)

This is especially true with regards to tires specifically, which are important for both our safety and satisfaction. To lend credence to this belief, we shall introduce you to certain products of great distinction and where you can readily get them for purchase. Some of them are:

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These products are tough and hence very durable and are also sold under the best possible terms which guarantee customer protection at all times. The guarantee and warranty terms of its sales are alo second to none anywhere.

2. Dunlop Trailmax Mission Rear Tire

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This tire gives excellent service, durability, and friction which are qualities cherished in any vehicle tyre, not to mention the offers of refund or replacements where needed, just to give you optimal satisfaction.

Can Broken Glass Cause A Flat Tire – Conclusion

The glamour, newness, or class of any car or truck immediately pale into insignificance the moment its tires are threadbare and worn out. As claimed earlier, we cannot over-treat this issue of tires and vehicles because of their significance in road transportation.

Come to think of it, when it has anything to do with verifying road unworthy vehicles or otherwise, the first thing to look out for are the tire conditions, and when they are certified alright, such a  vehicle is more than halfway to becoming road worthy!

This is the relevance of tires. In fact, saying it boldly, it is much more advisable to park any vehicle with worn-out or threadbare tires until such a time when it is provided with good ones, no matter the state of its engine or body glamour. Any car or truck, without good tires, is an invitation to an early burial. Be wise on this.

The user manual that comes with both new vehicles and tires tells you all that you should know with regards to tire use, maintenance, and repairs. It is thus highly recommended that you study them diligently for their special relevance. Agreed new tires may not be cheap as such, but most suppliers now have good used tires worldwide that have been certified very roadworthy and reliable by leading authorities in the matter.

When we talk of maintenance, it comprises of everything from the regular checking of tires down to where and how you park them after use. All these considerations are important if we must protect ourselves from unnecessary harm while on the road. Do not forget to also regularly switch your tires between the front and rear wheels.

Doing this has the advantage of making sure that your tires are degraded evenly. Apart from keeping you safe, this tire switching ensures that you get smooth rides rather than bumpy ones. After all, we all know that uneven tires make the road feels as though you are driving on a rocky mountainside.

We can go on and on and on, but luckily we have discussed major areas of most relevance. A stitch in time, they say, is worth nine and really it is. So, please,  take a cue from this article and in time, you will be glad you did.

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