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How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

Can I Leave A Flat Tire Overnight?

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Flat tires can develop at any time when sharp objects like nails or broken bottles pierce your vehicle tires. Other causes of flat tires are collision with other vehicles, hitting potholes or ditches in the road, the activities of vandals, and so on. The most advisable thing immediately you get a flat tire is to jerk up the car and remove the punctured tire for repairs by tire specialists.

However, for different reasons, this may not be possible. Sometimes, this is either due to the non-availability of required tools, lack of a spare tire or not having the necessary skills. Whatever the reasons may be, is it advisable for anyone to leave a flat tire overnight?

So can I leave a flat tire overnight? As much as possible, you should try to mend all punctured tires without delay. This you must do to prevent the disappointment that is associated with flat tires whether on the eve of journeys, on your way to work, and so on. Therefore, in order to guard against this, always have a spare tire handy.

Where mending of the tire is not possible immediately,  for whatever reason, you can alternatively jerk up the car on its chassis to make sure that the weight of the vehicle does not rest on the deflated tires throughout the night. When the weight rests on the tires for a long time, they are likely to develop weakened areas that may eventually cause the tires to wear prematurely.

In conclusion, it is not advisable to allow flat tires to bear the weight of the vehicle overnight, unless where that is completely unavoidable. When this happens, be sure to make hurried efforts to mend the punctured tire without delay as soon as you get the chance.  In addition, if you must leave the flat tire overnight, the vehicle must be parked in an enclosure or a garage to reduce the effect of the cold weather and the weight of the vehicle on the tires. (Read Also: Can I Use Tire Compressor For AirBrushing?Find Out)

Pro Tips: If you must leave your flat tire overnight then it’s best that you jack up the side with the flat tire and put it on a jack stand/block.


Here’s a detailed article on some of the Best Car Jacks/Stands currently selling hot on Amazon you might want to check out.

Why Would A Tire Go Flat Overnight?

A tire is liable to go flat overnight if it has been previously punctured during the day by any sharp object such as nails or broken bottles and the tire pressure is gradually lost during the night. When such happens, the reduction of air pressure is faster after it is parked at night.

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Another reason for this to happen is when the rims have been bent out of shape during the day which creates an avenue for pressure loss especially at night when the car is parked. Gradually, the entire tire pressure may be lost at night. Tires may also deflate at night after the car is parked when the air valve is damaged and the steady loss of air pressure at night may ultimately lead to complete tire deflation.

Tires can also be deflated at night if the vehicle is parked on an uneven terrain that creates a gap between the rim and the tire for air to escape leading to the eventual flattening of the tire. Reduction in tire pressure is faster when the vehicle is parked at night much more than during the day when the vehicle is being driven. This steady pressure reduction manifests overnight through tire pressure reduction in parked vehicles.

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What Do You Do If You Have A Flat Tire At Night?

Like at all other times, the first thing to do when you have a flat tyre at night is to park the car at a safe location and if you can, proceed to remove the punctured tire after jerking the car up. Gradually, if you have a spare tire and all the tools necessary, you can change the punctured tire with the spare in no time and off you go.

This is your first option if you have the skills and the tools for it. However, if you lack the skills or tools or maybe both, you are advised to reach out to tire repair workshops for attention to your tire, if it is not too late at night. If this is still not possible, get a towing truck to tow your vehicle to the closest tire repair workshop.

Where all these are not possible, instead of leaving the car to rest throughout the night on deflated tires, you may jerk it up by the chassis to relieve the tires and proceed to repair the punctured tires the following day.

As much as possible, always relieve punctured tires of bearing too much weight for a long period such as throughout the night. Excessive pressure on punctured tires for long periods damage them by making their fabric weak and encouraging flat-spotting as well.(Read Also: Can I Use Track Tires On The Street?Find Out Now)

Will Leaving a Flat tire Overnight Damage The Rim?

No, leaving a flat tire overnight for just one day does not constitute any danger to the rim except where the vehicle is driven on the said night, but if nothing of the sort happens, then there is really no risk to the rim.

Some measures of risk from water may be suspected, in the event it rains during the night which may initiate metal corrosion.  But even this condition,  requires much longer than a day for it to take place. In a nutshell, leaving a flat tire overnight will not damage the rim, provided the car is not driven that night.

How Can You Avoid Having A Flat Tire?

There are several ways by which you can avoid having a flat tire, if not completely, but at least too regularly. Some of these ways are by making use of the proper tire size, correct tire type, and load capacity tires on your vehicle.

Whenever you are inflating the tires, make sure you use the recommended pressure in order to safeguard your tire. (Read Also: Can I Use Tire Jack To Change oil?Find Out)

Additionally, you must avoid carrying loads that are beyond the capacity of your vehicle and rotate your tires regularly to ensure even degradation of tire fabric and prevent bumping. Always inspect your tires for any unhealthy developments and be sure to regularly maintain your vehicle, condition it, and align all the wheels.

The inspection of the tires is imperative when you travel long distances regularly. Finally, always drive carefully; do not apply the brakes with too much force and avoid hitting potholes or ditches in the road. These measures are not meant to protect you from getting punctured tires entirely, but they will surely reduce the regularity at which you get them. (Read Also:Do You Put Chains On Trailer Tires?)

How Long Can You Leave A Spare Tire On?

Ideally, any spare tire is meant to convey you from where you got the flat tire to where you can get it fixed. The trip between these two destinations shouldn’t take long.

Therefore, a spare tire should stay on the car long enough for you to get your punctured tire fixed. Do not make the mistake of not waiting to collect your fixed tire.

What if you refuse to wait and collect the punctured tire with the specialist and the spare you are temporarily using now itself gets punctured afterward? You see, it is never wise to move anywhere without a spare tire.

In the event of any puncture, use the spare tire only to get to the repair shop and wait to collect your fixed tire,  however long it takes. Never leave without it,  because you may pay a high price for any impatience in this matter. (Read Also: Can You Still Ride A Bike With A Broken Spoke?)

What Are The Differences Between Modern Tires And Others?

Like all other facets of technology, there has always been a steady progressive modernization of tires too. Formally, we had radial tires (and in fact still do) that do not always contain steel belts embedded within their fabrics. Now, the technology of tires is such that all possible contingencies are properly thought of and provided for. (Read Also:Can A Toyota Tundra Pull A Fifth Wheel Camper?)

These modern tires tend to be much more flexible than other types of tires and therefore flatten more easily and quicker when the vehicles are packed. This property makes these tires provide more vehicular stability even when stationary because of their firm grip on the ground. Other types of tires, on the contrary, are rigid and do not grip the road like the modern ones.

Secondly, these modern tires have wider footprints and because of this, they tend to pick up the temperature differences of the road much more quickly,  which adds to their extreme flexibility as well. By this singular property, they offer greater friction such that the vehicles can turn at corners even at very high speeds.

They are also stiffer than other tires and have comparatively shorter sidewalls too. Their sidewalls do not bulge even under very heavyweights and that means their threads at the lowest points of the tires, which is in contact with the surface, flattens out more when on the road.

These are qualities befitting of a modern tire achieved due to relentless and sustained research work to provide traction, stability, and excellent vehicular control, even when in motion at very high speeds.

It is these properties that make modern tires stand out distinctly among all other tires. Finally, modern tires have embedded in their rubber fabric steel wires which make them less susceptible to easy punctures by either broken glass or bottles on the road like other tires. This is a very commendable property indeed.

Despite these exemplary characteristics, there is something that counts against these tires in favor of the radial or older tires. (Read Also:Can Air Compressor Tanks Be welded?)

All modern tires are softer tires which means that they are designed to stick to the roads more closely than other tires even at bends and sudden corners. This flexibility and compliance are what make modern tires much more prone to flat spotting than older(or radial) tires.

We would now endeavor to introduce you to products that are as good as advertised and where you should go for either inquiries or purchases. Like we have stated earlier, for the life-saving roles tires play in our lives, we can never be too careful when it comes to buying that which will serve us very satisfactorily. Find below some of the most acclaimed tires for all manner of vehicles that are tested and trusted.

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Can I Leave A Flat Tire Overnight – Conclusion

Tires are an absolute requirement when it comes to road safety and hence we should take our time in selecting what we believe to be the best of its kind.

Furthermore, since buying good tires is one thing and their correct use is quite another matter, then we should make out time to study the user manual that comes with all tire supply packs.

This manual will guide us in virtually everything ranging from jerking up the cars, removing the tires, opening them up, identifying the faults, mending them to gauging correct tire pressures, and lots more.

In essence, there is just no how you will not stand to benefit immensely from studying this book as a road user, driver or any other person on the road.

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