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How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

Goodyear Endurance Vs Trailer King(Which Is Better)

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Summer is that time of the year when RVs see the light of the day once more after being left parked in the dark during the entire course of the winter.

Such a long-standing time undoubtedly has indelible effects on the tires and will demand the replacement of the old tires. This may not be the case if the tires were lifted off the floor using a jack or other means.

However, if you are to get new tires for your RV or trailer, understand that these vehicles are not like your everyday cars, they are subject to activities and drive hours beyond what the regular day-to-day car is exposed to. The qualities of the tire usable by RVs and trailers are therefore quite different from those of the regular car.

Summer camping is an enjoyable experience, especially when done with family and friends. This is only true if there are no unfortunate incidences such as busted tires while driving the highway. Aside from the panic that this could cause and the potential danger, it places you and your family members, it is a call for getting your hands soiled while attempting to change the tire.

Here in this article, two incredible tires are placed side by side and compared at different levels to come up with what could be found in one and not the other and the different aspect in which the tires outperform themselves.

Why the comparison between Goodyear endurance and trailer king?

When in need of a new tire for your trailer or RV, those who have had a bad experience with their previous tires find themselves confused and indecisive about which tire is best for the RV or trailer. You cannot treat tires meant for RVs and trailers the same way you do tires of regular size, light-duty cars.

RVs tires are not only under the weight of the vehicle, the tires must be strong enough to bear the weight of the vehicle, that of all the passengers on board as well as the camping luggage and others on the vehicle. This is a huge responsibility that demands a specially crafted tire to handle.

The essence of this comparison between Goodyear endurance and trailer king, therefore, is to bring out the qualities of these two tire brands, and demonstrate which of these brands is best equipped to bear the weight of the vehicle, cargo, and the passengers on board.  

The buyer will be well informed about which of the two tire brands produces the best performance in terms of traction, road noise, and drive comfort. Aside from load capacity and other relevant features, the cost or price at which the tire is sold is equally important and is therefore mentioned here.

The notion of an expensive tire brand being automatic of high quality is put to test. Sometimes, cutting your coat according to your size, that is, going for what your money can afford may not be such a bad thing and some inexpensive products have been shown to have incredible advantages over the popular and expensive brands.

At this point, the rationale for this comparison is well stated and hopefully well understood as well. now, let us take a good look at the comparison between Goodyear endurance and trailer king.

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The similarities and differences between Goodyear endurance and trailer king

Before proceeding to provide a detailed explanation of the different aspects Goodyear endurance resembles or differs from trailer king, below is a summarized table, although not exhaustive of this comparison.

feature Goodyear endurance Trailer king
Weight capacity 1700 2833
Construction Scurf guard protects the sidewall over-layed with extra nylon material
Durability durable durable
Price More expensive affordable
Inch 14 15
Tread life Very good good
Maintenance easy easy

Weight capacity

Before accusing fingers are pointed at the tires or their manufacturers, you must make sure the tire is not overloaded at any point. One of the commonest causes of weakening and premature deterioration of tires and shortened lifespan is when the tire is constantly forced to bear a weight beyond what it is rated for.

At every point of your travel, remind yourself of the load rating or capacity of the tire to ensure only luggage within this rating is saddled on the tire. As for the trailer king, its weight capacity is about 2833 pounds. This is an impressive number, allowing for more load than most RV or trailer tires.

The variation in the amount of weight or load these tires can bear has more to do with how the tires were constructed, that is, the design of the tire and the type of construction material. Trailer king is made of the rubber parenchymal as other tires, however, in addition to this, the tire is over-layed with nylon material.

The essence of this additional layer of nylon is to further add strength to the tire. This explains its moved weight-bearing capacity as well as its durability which will be discussed later on.

The Goodyear tires are classified as middle scale in terms of their weight-bearing capacity. The tires are designed to bear up to 1700 pounds of weight and not beyond. Similar to the trailer king, there is an engineering explanation for this capacity of weight. As for the Goodyear tires,  is an account of the fabric steel used in its construction that confers this ability.

The fabric steel is a reinforcement, interlaced in the polyester material, which helps with weight-bearing and durability. The longevity of the tire is equally dependent on this.


How stable a tire drives, its traction and drive comfort are largely dependent on its construction. The tread area of trailer king is large and central.

The tire’s design is strategically crafted for traction and stability. When a tire has good traction, one of its common benefits includes good control, prompt cornering recovery, and fuel economy. You will not believe how much effort is put into coming up with a tire that does well in all these aspects.

In terms of durability and weight-bearing capacity, trailer king is constructed with an extra over-layed nylon material that accounts for the accolades the tire enjoys from its users who hail the tire for its outstanding durability and weight-bearing capability. Compared to other types of tires, this capacity is however compared on the lower end of the spectrum.

Goodyear tire construction enjoys some unique craftsmanship as well. its durability is enhanced by the presents of a scuff guard. What this does is to keep the sidewall, an uneasy part of the tire to repair, safe from damage. When the sidewall of any tire sustains any form of damage, chances are, that will be the end of the life of such tire.

Therefore, by guarding the sidewall against damage, the life span of the Goodyear endurance is further extended. This guard delays the wear and tear of the tire and adds to its longevity. 

Tread life

Before discussing the tread life of Goodyear endurance and trailer king, you should know that the Goodyear endurance is a 14-inch tire while the trailer king is a 15-inch. Hopefully, this information is not coming late, especially if you are very interested in the dimension of the tire. The difference in this regard is however not much.

Now, the tread life of a tire is one of the key determinants of how long you can use the tire. Tires that lose their treads shortly afterward they hit the road should be avoided. Given that the RVs will have to be driven on the hot high for over long hours, the tread life and wear pattern of the tire becomes crucial.

One of the key determinants of the tread life is how well heat is decapitated through the tire, for this reason, the trailer king has a well-centered tread pattern that allows for good dissipation of heat. With this, the tread life is greatly improved.

In this regard, trailer king may be said to outperform the Goodyear endurance tire


Whoever thinks that the price of a tire should not matter probably have a lot of money in the bank account and does not mind wasting money on an unworthy tire. When a tire is discovered to give a poor performance in terms of comfort, noise, or durability, the first pain felt upon this disappointment is the price for which the tire was bought.

After paying heavily for a tire, you expect to get the best out of such tire. This may not always be the case. The Goodyear tire is much more expensive than the trailer king. The number of customers who patronize either of these brands and write a review about them, therefore.

How expensive the price of a tire is, for those not overpriced, is a factor of the quality of construction material used in the making of such tire. When inexpensive materials are used, the tire is sold for a lesser price. However, going for cheap tires may mean an increased risk and frequency of blowouts.

Goodyear Endurance Vs Trailer King – Conclusion

This comparison has outlined the aspects of Goodyear endurance and the trailer king and aspects in which trailer king stands tall above Goodyear endurance. The choice between the two is therefore a factor of what the buyer’s priorities are.

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