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How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much

Hankook Vantra Vs Goodyear Endurance(Which Is Better)

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There are only very few things in the world that can keep some families away from having a family summer adventure. Come every summer, plans are rolled out on how to spend quality fun-filled family time together.

Unfortunately, these plans and preparations, most times do not feature the most important aspect of a summer trip, which is the state of the trailer or camper.

The trailer tires are not an everyday use tires, by the end of the summer, the trailer is parked sometime in an unfavorable weather condition where it is constantly exposed to the hard ultra violet rays of the sun. by the end of the winter season, it is dust-up and cleaned without considering the age of the tire and its general state, it is placed on the road once more for another summer trip.

You must make sure this year’s summer is not characterized by stories of your tire blowout experiences. The current tires on the trailer may no longer be fit for another summer trip. Replacing this tire will bring you to the question of which tire brand to go for.

Given that the trailer is considered a crucial part of the summer trip, in it is all the provisions for the trip such as beverages and other luggage. 

When the tire of the trailer blows out, irrespective of how frustrated you are, you definitely cannot leave the trailer behind. You must be ready to find a solution to this, and get your family back on the trip. The trip will be less fun for you from this time onwards as the blowout may have stressed you out or caused you to spend money you never budgeted for.

In order not to fall into this trap, a comprehensive comparison is made and presented here about two tire brands, the Hankook vantra, and the Goodyear endurance. Two tire types are well-fitting for the trailer or camper. 

Why the comparison between Hankook Vantra and Goodyear endurance?

Let us begin by justifying why this comparison is necessary. Some may not consider the issue of the trailer tires a priority, most in fact will be more focused on ensuring they pack the right number of beverages and other food items necessary for the summer trip.

Without any doubt, the trailer tires are the most important aspect of preparing for any summer trip. The only set of people who will believe this assertion are those who have suffered a trailer tire blowout once or twice on a summer trip.

Although the trailer is towed behind the vehicle, it cannot be left behind when the tire becomes faulty, rather, you must do everything possible to have the tire fixed or replaced to proceed with the trip. This, therefore, implies that the trailer tire is capable of single-handedly ruining the supposedly fun family adventure.

So, why the comparison? The choice of tire you will end up with each time you go out for a replacement for your trailer tire is a factor of several things. Sometimes, this choice is influenced by what you may have read online, in terms of the review by the current users of the tires.

At other times, the desired tire is simply unavailable, forcing us to make a different choice at the nick of time. this situation will leave you wondering whether the new tire is worth the price, reliable or trustworthy.

Take, for example, you may wish to buy the Hankook vantra and end up with the Goodyear endurance simply because the Hankook vantra is out of stock. 

Here, a detailed comparison is provided between the two-tire brand so that potential buyers to understand what they stand to benefit from each tire brand and aspects in which one of the tires outshine the other.

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Similarities and differences between Hankook Vantra and Goodyear endurance

Different aspects of the two tire brands are considered in this section of the article, starting with durability, price, and other features. Before proceeding with the details of this discussion, here is a summary table illustrating some of the differences and similarities between Hankook vantra and Goodyear endurance.

Feature Hankook vantra Goodyear endurance
warranty Offers tread warranty Longer duration warranty 
price affordable More expensive
performance excellent Very excellent
durability good excellent
tread life high Very high
Trailer specific features present present

Tread life

There is a myth about tread life which is a widespread practice amongst motorists. There is a general belief, which unfortunately is subscribed to even by the most experienced drivers, and that is the belief that the percentage remnant of the tread dictates whether the tire is still usable or not.

This is however not necessarily true. Most trailer tires are not used as often as passenger tires and therefore do not wear as much as passenger tires. Subjecting these tires to the same criteria is therefore erroneous and may cost you dearly on your next summer trip.

Both tires, that is, the Hankook vantra and Goodyear endurance are said to have a good tread life. The length of the tread life, yes is partly a function of the design of the tire and the quality of its construction material. However, a lot more contribute to how fast the trad area wears and tears.

The average lifespan of these two tire brands, the Hankook vantra, and Goodyear endurance is about 3 to 4 years. With proper maintenance care, the tires could last for as long as 5 to 9 years.

However, when considering estimating the functionality of the tire, the age of the tire, the number of miles you have on it, the type of road it was driven over, and the history of care provided to the tire must all be factored in.

The remnant of the tread is not enough, considering this in isolation from other aspects od the tire will not give a holistic view of the true status of the tire. Do everything possible to avoid a tire blowout. trust these words, for some things, are best not experienced.

When a considerable portion of the tread is worn out, do not be miserly with money, have the tires changed. Any of the two brands, Hankook vantra or Goodyear endurance will provide a long tread life worth every penny spent on them.

Trailer specific features

Let us start by stating that not all tires are trailer specific. The trailer is a different built and demand a tire with certain features that match the trailer and its use. unlike passenger vehicles, the trailer is not from drive comfort, do not expect the same level of comfort when you drive in the trailer or camper. Secondly, the weight of the cargo must be factored in any tire said to be for a trailer or camper.

Based on these peculiarities, trailer tires are much thicker than the regular passenger tires and have a much thicker sidewall, giving them the strength to bear the weight of the load the trailer caries.

There are certain modifications or specific designs expected in tires designated for use in a trailer or camper. This includes a wider layer of steel, durable tire designs, a reasonably stud tread pattern, and others. the sidewall must also have a specific design that ensures its reinforcement and strength. most of these trailer-specific features are featured in both Hankook vantra and Goodyear endurance

World ranking

Apart from the public demand for this comparison, it may not seem fair to compare Hankook vantra with Goodyear endurance on account of the span of years between the time of the establishment of the Goodyear tire company and Hankook tires. Today, the list of the top tire company in the world placed the Goodyear tires at number three and Hankook at number 7.

The ranking of Hankook tires as the 7th best tire company in the world shows how far the company has come in producing superior tires that compete with household names such as Goodyear. While Goodyear came into existence about 120 years ago, 80 years after its establishment, Hankook has become one of its competitors.

Both tires have faced criticism from car enthusiasts, professional drivers, and other car owners. However, the pros of these tire brands far supersede their cons.

Goodyear is a tire brand that needs no introduction, popular for its superior tire design, Goodyear endurance meets all the demands of a trailer tire and suits perfectly conditions such as long high drive, cargo load, and others associated with road trips with a trailer.


The two tire brands will go head-to-head when compared in terms of the difference in their performance. However, a closer look will reveal Goodyear tires being ahead by a couple of gaps. This is more evident in an off-road scenario. The amount of beating Goodyear tires can take before caving in, is much more than the Hankook vantra can bear.


There is nothing much to be said here. The pricy one is the Goodyear endurance. Although there are other brands of tires much more costly than Goodyear tires, when compared with the Hankook vantra, it comes out as the expired one.


So, while Hankook may have beaten Goodyear tires in terms of affordability, Goodyear tires have something that Hankook users may envy and that is the duration of the tread warranty. This is much longer with Goodyear endurance than Hankook vantra. 

Hankook Vantra Vs Goodyear Endurance – Conclusion 

From the very start of this comparison, you may have thought this to be an easy choice, but it isn’t. your final decision depends on how much you are willing to spend, that is what your budget is, as well as what your priorities are.

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