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Will A TH 350 Torque Converter Fit A 700 R4?Find Out

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A torque converter is a type of fluid coupling that transfers rotating power from a prime mover, such as an internal combustion engine to a rotating driven load. It should be understood that in automatic transmission vehicles, the torque converter converts the power source to the load. 

Will A TH 350 Torque Converter Fit A 700 R4? Of course,  YES, A TH 350 torque converter will fit a 700 R4, but the transmission must be totally disabled if you wish to install the short output shaft in it. This output shaft uses GM part #8681812.

In any case, you should equally note that aftermarket shafts are usually not designed to the proper specifications, whereas all, or most, GM shafts are known to have more consistent spline works, which is invariably very important. So, yes, you can convert a TH 350 torque converter to perfectly fit a 700 R4 engine.

Can you replace a TH 350 with a 700 R4?

Yes, you can replace a TH 350 with a 700 R4, but know that the aftermarket shafts you may get for this purpose, is most likely not going to be manufactured to the proper details that you are going to require, whereas most GM shafts are known and designed to the best possible consistent spline work, which will definitely give you want in ultimate satisfaction. So, even though you can do that, there is still an important consideration to be aware of.

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Will a 4L60E torque converter fit a 700 R4?

First, you should know that most, if not all, 4L60E transmissions from 1997 onwards, have the same 30 spline input shafts just like the 1984 to 1993 700 R4 transmissions.

Nevertheless, the 1998 to 2000 4L60E transmissions may or may not have the same input shaft as that of the 1984 to 1993 700R4 transmission systems. This obviously implies that this torque converter will certainly not work with an LS  type of motor, except probably if it will with a C5 Corvette.

Is a TH 400 better than a TH 350?

It is good to know certain things that are common between them before any proper comparison can be made between the two. First, both of these converters are adjudged very durable and simple too, from users and customer reviews worldwide.  Secondly, they are known to share the same bolt housing patterns as well.

Furthermore, they mostly have the same engine types too. However, the TH 350 has somewhat lower performance and a comparatively smaller block; than the 350 Chevelle. The TH 350 is also used in many heavy-duty trucks and vans.

In addition, the TH 350 is smaller and also fits nearly all rear-wheel drive Chevrolet passenger cars without any complaints. To further compare them more properly, the TH 350 uses a sort of mechanical kick-down switch. On the other hand, the TH 400 uses an electric kick-down switch, as against that used by TH 350. 

This electric switch in the TH 400 is much easier to set up, especially if you are doing an LS swap. Both of them are however built with aluminum casings and also three forward gears, though with different gear shifts. (Read Also: Goodyear Endurance Vs Trailer King(Which Is Better)

The TH 350 is said to have fewer drivetrains compared to the TH 400, which means that the TH 350 is likely to have more power to the rear wheels compared to the TH 400. All in all, if the TH 400 will fit in your car, it is indeed the right and better choice. In conclusion, the TH 400 is, from multiple perspectives and after in-depth comparisons, better than than the TH 350, but only just.

How much HP can a 700 R4 handle?

The street or strip 700 R4 is known to be very good for about 550 HP( horsepower) at the most, but more importantly, when used with an HD input drum, it can be good also for up to 625 HP or even a little more than that.

What is more, this input drum is not so costly, as it goes for about 240 dollars at the most. So, how much power it can handle depends on the accessories you add to it, but the range is between 550 to 625 HP.

Can you drive with a bad torque converter?

No, it is not advisable in the least for you to do that, because it is potentially very risky and dangerous. However, if the torque converter can effectively hold the proper amount of ATF, then it won’t be able to transfer power efficiently from the vehicle’s engine to the transmission system with any satisfaction.

How do I choose the right torque converter?

There are quite a few things to put into consideration whenever you want a torque converter for your vehicle. First, make sure that the converter does not bear much resistance against the engine, as this is capable of reducing its efficiency.

Secondly, also make sure that you select a converter with the best possible stall speed for your vehicle, which for the most part, should be between 2200 to about 2700 rpm( revolutions per minute).

You also must not forget to look at the power curve, as well as the torque input of the converter too. Select a converter that will give more strength and durability, such as the Speedway Motors.

Good converters should also have heat-treated internals, as well as high-strength bearings that offer significant life spans and also increased performance over a factory torque converter. If you get any converter that possesses most of these features, you are assured of a good and very efficient converter.

Are torque converters interchangeable?

Yes, for all intents and purposes, they usually are, but this is only possible if by any chance the two vehicles happen to have the same converter out of the three possible options available. In any case, the best thing is to really have your torque converter rebuilt entirely.

Frequently asked questions( FAQ)

Which transmission is better between the TH 350 and the 700 R4?

As explained previously, you must put into consideration some basic facts before you can make any reasonable comparison between these two. First, it is good to know that, though the two may look intrinsically the same somehow, they in reality have more differences than similarities.

They are fundamentally different in their gearing systems, weights, length, locking mechanisms, and in fact, pretty much everything. The TH 350 is controlled by a vacuum kick down cable, whereas the 700 R4 is driven by a TV cable.

With regards to their overdrive, the TH 350 has all forward gears and no overdrive, while the 700 R4 has an overdrive gear that serves to reduce engine RPM( revolutions per minute), especially at highway speeds.

In terms of their locking torque control, the 700 R4 has a locking torque converter, which enables the clutch to effectively get engaged even when the vehicle is moving at high enough speeds. The locking torque converter also allows for a true direct connection between the engine and the transmission system.

This invariably increases fuel economy and also effectively lowers the vehicle’s RPM. This locking torque converter is not provided in the TH 350. Also,  the TH 350 is shorter than the 7000 R4. As s result, if you wish to swap them, you will definitely need to have your driveshaft either replaced or resized.

With regards to their gear ratios, the gears are said to be placed closer in TH 350 than they are in 700 T4, despite having much fewer gears comparatively.

In addition, the TH 350 keeps the engine in a power band mode much longer than the 700 R4, whereas the 700 R4 is known to be more aggressive than the TH 350. All in all, after taking all these differences into consideration, the 700 R4 has a slight edge over the TH 350, but just.

Are all TH 350 torque converters the same?

No, they are not in any way. However, on cursory inspection, they look quite similar indeed. A major difference between them is their internal parts, regardless of how similar they look on the outside.

Each of them is also known to have between 10 to 18  friction discs and also between 10 to 18 steel clutch plates inside. Therefore, we assure you that they are not the same in virtually every respect at all.

What are catalytic converters?

Though many people might not have heard of them, catalytic converters have been around for a long. These are vehicle converters that basically serve to clean vehicle exhaust gases and other compounds emitted through very impressive chemical reactions with precious metals.

Some of the commonest precious metals used in catalytic converters are palladium, rhodium, platinum and so on. Catalytic converters are really expensive items, and for this reason, their theft is random or very common.

A piece of catalytic converter sales for between 2000 to 3000 pounds, for instance. It should be noted, thus far, that catalytic converters are actually very important in limiting environmental pollution from automobile exhaust, which is one of its primary causes.

These converters operate through the conversion of harmful substances in the vehicular exhaust to harmless ones, such as water vapour, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and many others too. Common harmful substances that are usually degraded and converted to harmless agents are carbon monoxide, nitric acid, and many others.

These converters work mainly at very high temperatures of about 400 degrees Celcius, in order to increase their efficiency.

How do you prevent catalytic converter thefts?

Because of their monetary value, catalytic converters suffer from a lot of vandalism and regular theft. For this reason, many catalytic converter users have reacted against this regular threat.

These complaints of converter theft are so rampant that we have to create the opportunity to say a word or two on it, just in case. In order to discourage their theft, one of the most prominent measures taken is to get the local welder in your vicinity to weld bolts onto them so that it will not be easy to be impounded by vandals and thieves.

Secondly, never park your vehicle at any such places where thieves will have free access to them all alone and for long, such as in dark or deserted places. If you must park your vehicle away from either the home or office, then do so either in enclosed garages or in the care of someone, such as company securities and so on.

Another option for preventing the theft of catalytic converters is the engraving of your vehicle’s ‘VIN number’ on them. This is a mark and identity that is shared by no one else, and thus, easy to spot and reclaim without difficulty.

There is also the use of anti-theft devices on these items, which will sound off in the event of any such effort or even alert you through your mobile phone of any attempt on it.

Trackers are also commonly hidden in catalytic converters against theft. These devices will enable you to monitor the movements of your stolen converter to wherever it has been transported, and also assist you to follow up and reclaim it. In fact, because of their value, nothing is spared in protecting catalytic converters from thieves and saboteurs.

Will A TH 350 Torque Converter Fit A 700 R4 – Conclusion

Vehicle converters are such indispensable items whose technology keeps evolving in order to serve users more efficiently.

To make everything more appealing, most of the commonest converters in use today can be functionally changed from one type to another by the addition of one gadget or the other.

The advent of catalytic inverters is another milestone of technology, especially when one considers our fight against environmental pollution and degradation worldwide.

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